"Osusuma function overflowing on the Internet" will appear like this when it appears in reality

"Recommend function" exists on the Internet such as Amazon and Facebook to display recommended content to users. As tracking user's actions on the Internet and automatically generating recommended content, it is sometimes the opportunity to encounter unexpected content that you do not see as usual but sometimes it's a good idea to recommend various things Sometimes it feels annoying. If such a recommendation function was in the real world, an art project that reproducesSigns of the Times"is.

Scott and Ben - Signs of the Times (2017)

An art project forces people to consider online recommendations in the real world - The Verge

"Signs of the Times" is an art project by London-based artists Scott Kelly and Ben Porkinhorn. 2 people by taking pictures by adding likely to see a recommendation function in a beautiful scenery of New Zealand Kanban, we appeal whether the recommendation function on the Internet can be seen how for the user.

On Kanban, which is set up with the beautiful landscape of New Zealand, similar sentiments of mountains are introduced along with the sentence "people like this place like the following places". Even if you are told "Recommended here" in the midst of enjoying the beautiful scenery of the precious time ... I feel that.

Similar landscapes such as beaches and waterfalls are recommended in the ocean.

It is recommended for photographs of colorful flowers, flowers and birds photos. It is faithfully reproducing "Why is this recommended, ...??" Which is a common recommendation function.

In front of the slide, photographs of McDonald's Kanban are lined with photographs of similarly shaped roller coasters, making it more mysterious recommended content.

Mr. Kelly and Mr. Polkin Horn, who planned Signs of the Times, told The Verge of the international news media, "As Internet users, I started the project because I began to notice how popular the recommendation function was" I will.

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