Paul Allen and others discovered the heavy cruiser "Indianapolis" sunk after secretly transporting parts of the atomic bomb in the deep sea

A heavy cruiser operated by the US military in the period of World War II and sunk by the former Japanese army off the Philippines in 1945 "IndianapolisIs sinking to the bottom of the sea at a depth of 5500 meters, was confirmed by a team of co-founders Paul Allen, Microsoft co-founder.

Wreckage From USS Indianapolis Located In Philippine Sea | Paul Allen

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen discovered a long-lost World War II warship - The Verge

Allen announced on August 19, 2017 that the exploration team led by himself discovered some of the remains of Indianapolis on the ocean floor on 18 August. Mr. Allen posted a picture taken at the ocean floor to Twitter and revealed that "35" of the hull identification code "CA-35" attached to Indianapolis was confirmed.

Heavy Cruiser Indianapolis was a warship completed in 1932 and was put into missions in nearly all periods of World War II that began in 1941. Although it was Indianapolis who gave a number of achievements, the secret mission accomplished in July 1945 was the last mission. Indianapolis carries parts of the parts and nuclear weapons used for atomic bombs scheduled to be dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in San Francisco and carries it to the Tinian island which the US military of that time was using as a frontline base of the mainland air raid in Japan I will be given the assignment.

Indianapolis arrived on Tinian on 26th July and unloaded the secret cargo, afterwards, headed for Leyte via Guam Island, but at that time the former Japanese navy submarine "I 58" 6 shots firedOxygen torpedoThree of them hit, and Indianapolis, which suffered great damage on the side of the ship, quickly sunk in a short time of just 12 minutes from the shot. At that time, about 300 people out of about 1196 crew members sank in the sea with the ship, and about 800 others escaped before sinking, but due to dehydration symptoms and shark attacks during the drifting for several days It has resulted in only 317 people who lost their lives and were rescued by the rescue team. In addition, 22 of them are still alive.

Anchor engraved with letters "U. S. Navy" and "Norfolk Navy Yard". That feature is consistent with another photograph taken one week before sinking.

Parts that were a little far apart are "USS INDIANAPOLIS CA - 35" and wrote that there is no doubt about it.

Equipment that is seen as one of the two anchor hoisting machines that were installed.

A bell that is seen as being mounted on a ship has also been found.

Mr. Allen said, "By discovering Indianapolis who played a remarkable role during the Second World War, being able to show respect for the brave men and their families aboard the ship is a very godly feeling We hold our gratitude as Americans against the courage of soldiers who faced the situation of menace and the sense of mission to accomplish and the sacrifice.An exploration of remnants that have not been found yet We also can continue, but I hope people related to this historic ship will feel a certain end by this discovery. "

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