Amazon's CEO used the engine used in the Apollo program salvage from the deep sea

Apollo 11The Stars and Stripes flagged by the moon landing by 2012 will be in 2012It was confirmed by the telescopeHowever, the rocket played an active part in such Apollo programSaturn VWas installed inF-1 rocket engineIs CEO of Amazon.comJeff BezosIt was raised from the deep sea by an exploration team led by Mr.

F-1 Engine Recovery | Bezos Expeditions

F-1 rocket engineThe Apollo projectSaturn VIn the engine used in the model rocket, 5 Apollo 11 was installed and the rocket was launched to about 61 km altitude within 2 minutes 30 seconds, but as soon as burning for several minutes the Atlantic Ocean Fall into. Discovery was considered almost impossible.

Mr. Bezos was 5 years old when the Apollo plan was done, but the appearance of the Apollo project reflected on television said that he ignited Bezos' passion for science and technology and exploration. "NASA is one of the few institutions that can stimulate a five-year-old boy, and the efforts to search for F-1 rocket engines could stimulate interests and quests for children's inventions So I decided to search for the Apollo 11 engine that carried mankind to the moon. F-1 rocket engine will be found in the deep sea 4300 m in 2012, raising the enginePlan started.

The engine which was exposed to salt water for over 40 years was corroded, but sometimes it was originally made sturdy, and we were able to recover the main parts of the two engines discovered this time. Since the original serial number is disappearing or missing, it is difficult at the present time to confirm whether it is used in Apollo 11, but it seems that there is a possibility that it will be apparent as the restoration progresses.

Pictures of the engine that was pulled up are as follows. First of all, the state of the engine sinking in the deep sea.

One more group.

A state of raising.

Although the corrosion is proceeding, the main part of the engine was successfully recovered.

Cleaning is done firmly so that corrosion will not proceed any further.

Bezos said that one of the engines found on his blog in 2012 was Washington, D. C.Smithsonian MuseumIn addition, if an engine was discovered in SeattleAviation MuseumI would like to donate toI was talking..

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