People who deny their "negative feelings" such as anger, sadness, disappointment are liable to become mood disorders such as depression

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In the fiction, I often see the development that the hero improves from self denial, "I can not be this!", But as for my negative feelings, it is not necessarily the case that self denial leads "results living better" It seems not to be. In the latest research, people who accept emotions do not judge against their negative feelingsWell-beingIt turned out that the level of it was high.

The Psychological Health Benefits of Accepting Negative Emotions and Thoughts: Laboratory, Diary, and Longitudinal Evidence. - PubMed - NCBI

Feeling bad about feeling bad can make you feel worse | Berkeley News

Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley and the University of Toronto examined the relationship between emotional acceptance and mental health for over 1,300 adults in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Denver Metropolitan Area. As a result, it turned out that those who do not admit that they have negative emotions or who condemn negative feelings are more sensitive to psychological stress.

On the contrary, those who generally tolerate emotions such as sorrow, depression, disappointment, resentment, compared to those who criticize negative emotions to drive outMood disorderHe reportedly reported less symptoms. Iris Mauss, a psychologist who conducted the survey, speculated that "People who accept negative emotions will not pay much attention to negative emotions" for this cause.

Associate Professor Brett Ford of the University of Toronto who led the survey said, "How we approach our negative reactions turned out to be very important in" living better "," I am talking. "People who accept judging negative feelings without forcing them to forcibly change are sticking to the stress better."

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This research is an integration of three studies conducted separately in laboratory and online. In the first study, I asked more than 1,000 subjects to evaluate whether I agree with the sentence "I think" I should not embrace the emotions I hold ". As a result, those who are not negative to "negative emotions"Well-beingI found that the level is high.

After that, in a laboratory study, we imposed a task of asking more than 150 subjects to give a 3-minute speech and recorded the situation. At this time, there was a judge in front of the person making the speech like an interviewer in the job examination, and he was praising the subject's communication skills and other skills. In addition, it told that the preparation time given before the speech was only two minutes.

After the speech, when the subjects evaluated their emotions, as expected, the negative group against negative emotions reported that they felt more stress than the group that accepts negative emotions .

In the third study, we asked more than 200 subjects to perform a task for two weeks and ask them to keep a diary about the tasks imposed. The mental health condition of the subject was investigated six months after that, those who wrote in the diary contents to deny negative emotions are reported as mood disorders as compared with those who do not judge their feelings It was said that there were many cases.

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As a next step, the research team plans to investigate the cultural / nurturing factors "Why can some people more easily accept their own emotional ups and downs than others?" "By listening to what kind of attitude your parents are concerning the emotions that children have, it may be possible to predict how children feel about their emotions and how it affects mental health "Professor Mauss says.

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