It is obvious that women more often than men, long and cryingly exaggerated

The word "Boys Do not Cry"moviesYaA songAlthough it is also a title of, it is possible that there may be once a man if it is men who have been taught gently with "Do not cry, boys, right?" Or "Men if not a man!" Although it is a gender-theoretic "never cry" argument that is never recommended at child care and education sites, is not there a lot of people who experientially felt that women often cried than men?

Recognition that "men do not cry more than females" widely penetrated globally has been supported by research. There seems to be a bigger gender difference than the one I thought on how often people cry and how to cry.

Details are as below.Women cry more than men, and for longer, study finds - Telegraph

According to the German Ophthalmological Society announced on multiple research findings on "crying", women cry on average 30 to 64 times per year, whereas men only cry at least 6 to 17 times per year It is.

Also, the time to typical crying tends to be long when men are 2 to 4 minutes, women are about 6 minutes, when women begin to cry, quiet tears develop into full-fledged sobs and soreness In case of men 6%, women 65%, women seem to have a tendency to cry very much when crying.

However, children who are 13 years old said that there was no gender difference in the manner of crying, "The act of crying in response to joy, sadness, anger, etc. shows that it is learned" The researchers have concluded.

In these studies, gender differences were also seen for crying reasons. When a woman feels helplessness, when he encounters a difficult situation to solve, he often cries when he remembers the old days, whereas men often cry when they part with empathy or cry when they break up with a lover.

In addition, the work of crying is still envisioned in mystery,catharsisThere seems to be no confirmation about action and relaxation effect.

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