A plan to build the world's largest data center in the Arctic Circle started

A plan to construct the world's largest data center in Balangen, Norway, located in the Arctic Circle was announced.

Public meeting in Ballangen & signing of contract for the development of the Kolos data center - Kolos - Green Energy Data Center

Record-sized data center planned inside Arctic Circle - BBC News

Led construction project "Kolos"By building a data center in the Arctic Circle," cold air and abundant hydropower will help reduce energy costs, "he says.

The completed image model of Kolos's data center to be constructed is as follows.

Looking at the movie it will be in the following places.

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The data center's site area is 600,000 square meters, the building will be 4 stories high. The world's largest data center at the time of article creation is a data center located in Langfang City, China, but it is expected to be larger than this. However, nowData center under construction in Nevada, USAIt is slightly smaller than the final plan of.

In recent years, the EU and the government are focusing on hydropower projects in Norway, and we have invested in building a big dam. Against this backdrop, Balangen, who is planning to build a data center, said, "Literally the lowest electricity cost in Europe, 100% of the electricity can be played on the most stable grid in the world," Kolos co-executive officer Mark Robinson explains.

Kolos is already raising millions of dollars from private investors in Norway and we plan to procure the remaining necessary funds from an American investment bank. Also, the maximum power consumption of the data center is scheduled to be about 70 MW (megawatts), but it seems that plans are also planned to raise it to 1000 MW within 10 years.

Amazon's data processing department already in Ashburn, BerneseaSupply about 1000 M of electric powerAlthough it is thought that it is thought that it is not concentrated in a single data center, it seems that the server is installed spreading throughout the region. Also, even in a gigantic data center operated by Les Rochester in Sweden since 2013, the power is limited to 120 MW and power consumption is often less than 200 MW even in a large data center in the world. On the other hand, Kolos' data center aims at a single power consumption of 1000 MW, so you can see how well it will be a huge facility.

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Another reason for constructing a data center in Balangen is "The cold nature on the earth, the ideal humidity area will cool the server without air conditioning, and the fresh and clean as a secondary cooling source It is possible to use cold water indefinitely, and because nearby universities produce about 200 engineering students a year, there are also ideas to adopt several of them, "Mr. Robinson said.

Kolos has already received the support of the construction plan from five local mayors and Mr. Bidar Hergenessen who is in charge of climate environment in Norway is also scheduled to participate in the public conference. Mr. Helgensen informed BBC News: "We hope to achieve results in many projects and we also support the Kolos project.In order to welcome the construction of the data center in Norway we reduced tariffs There is also. "

For Kolos' data center, which I feel too large, David Grubridge, a technical consultant at Gartner, said, "Unless there is a radical idea on data compression technology, these kind of facilities will be offered We will need resources that need it unless there is technological innovation. "

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