Actual state of "patient trafficking" "physical trafficking" aimed at drug addicts seeking treatment


In the United StatesOpioidAddiction is increasing, South Florida is said to be Mecca for drug addiction treatment. Drug addiction patients who heard the rumors from across the United States, but I come doing seek treatment in South Florida, in some vicious drug treatment center, the fee from health insurance and inflated the rates for inspection and unnecessary treatment "Business" to let you pay is going wrong, and these misbehavior is called "patient trading" or "body trafficking".

People With Addictions Lured To Bogus Rehab Treatment Via 'Body Brokers': Shots - Health News: NPR

The medication treatment center for the purpose of "patient trafficking" in South Florida begins by first searching for "client" who is subscribing to health insurance. The target is finding out by way of saying to a patient visiting a drug treatment center or a drug user who is hanging out at a local Starbucks.

The drug treatment center sends patients with health insurance to a community living facility called "Sober Home". The usual Sober Home is a facility for people who have finished medication to live as a temporary residence, but an unscrupulous medication treatment center sends patients on treatment to Sober Home for about $ 500 per person per week About 50,000 yen) kickback is paid to the owner of Sober Home. Although it is true that you can receive nutrition counseling, needle treatment, chiropractic treatment, etc. while you live there, unnecessary urinalysis etc. are repeated, and patients are charged a treatment fee that is too expensive.

A 25-year-old man who was suffering from patient trafficking at a vicious drug treatment center received 5 years of treatment while entering and exiting Sober Home and was charged for a total of over 600,000 dollars (about 66 million yen) He said that he was. When the male's mother confirmed the contents of the invoice, she found that she was not a decent treatment facility because it was charged $ 5,500 (about 1 million yen) in 5 urinalysis tests.

Florida and federal authorities are promoting the dismantling of such fraudulent drug treatment centers and arrested and accused of owner of more than 30 fraudulent drug treatment centers involved in patient trafficking and Sober Home owner in 10 months It has been reported that it did. As an example, Eric Snyder, who was the owner of Delray Beach Treatment Center, was arrested on charges of fraudulent charges of more than $ 58 million (about 6.4 billion yen) to insurance companies with fake treatment and color tests. Snyder admits that he was looking for a drug user with health insurance at a strip club.

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