Clearly testing the wireless charging function from iPhone 8 X-ray photos

The iPhone 8 that will appear in 2017 will be "equipped with a wireless charging function,Top of iPhone supplier companyYaWireless charging manufacturer's topAlthough it is speaking, as new information to support the installation of the wireless charging function, the X - ray photograph of iPhone 8 is leaked.

IPhone 8 x-ray shots show wireless charging coil in testing | 9to5Mac

Mr. Minchi Kuo of KGI Securities familiar with Apple related leak in February 2017 predicted that all new iPhone 3 models including iPhone 8 will support the wireless charging function. After that, due to delay in manufacturingDedicated charger sold separatelyThe information that it will become will also pop out.

In February 2017, it is also clear that Apple has officially joined the Wireless Power Consortium, a trade association promoting the creation and dissemination of "Qi", an international standard for wireless power supply.

Will the next wireless iPhone wireless charging method be decided by "Qi"? Apple joins the wireless power consortium - GIGAZINE

New leak information has appeared about the wireless charging function of iPhone 8 which various information was complicated so far. This time we leaked several X-rays, the leak source is Weibo which is the largest SNS in China.

On the monitor is the X-ray picture of iPhone 8. In the middle part there is a big black shadow that was not found in the iPhone so far, which is considered to be a module for wireless charging.

Reporting Apple-related news 9to5Mac believes that the identity of the black shadow is perfectly matched with the wireless charging module in the circuit diagram leaked in April. If these pieces of information are correct, iPhone 8 seems to be Qi compliant.

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