"Wireless charging will become standard as the next iPhone," said the top of the wireless charging maker

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Industry group that promotes the formulation and dissemination of Apple "Qi" which is the international standard for wireless power supplyWireless Power ConsortiumBy joining to, "Will the next iPhone become a Qi-compliant wireless charging compatible terminalThe expectation of being increased, but Powermat's CEO, Ellad Dasinsky, who develops a new wireless charging technology, said "Wireless charging becomes the standard function in the next iPhone," which is a hot topic.

Powermat CEO calls wireless charging a 'standard feature in the next iPhone' | 9to5Mac

Powermat's CEO Elad Dasinski said that he had no unrelated affiliation with Applenews release"In the recent Apple announcement, it was revealed that wireless charging will be the standard function of the next iPhone, the time has come for our technology to be finally adopted as the mainstream." . About this comment 9to 5Mac dealing with Apple-related news, "As CEO of a major wireless charging maker, it may be in a position to know something in advance about the details of the next iPhone."

Dajinsky said, "At the latest Apple announcement, we announced that the new iPhone adopts wireless charging as standard," but this "latest Apple announcement" exists anywhere as far as the press release and so on are concerned No. Therefore, 9to 5Mac states that "This latest Apple announcement" refers to Apple's accession to the wireless power consortium ", but its truth or false is unknown is. Before Apple joined the Wireless Power Consortium, rumors that "the next iPhone is compatible with wireless charging?" Were frequented, but as in this case the top of the company never made a statement.

Will the wireless charging method of the next iPhone be decided by "Qi", Apple joins the wireless power consortium - GIGAZINE

Powermat announces that it adopts the wireless charging method adopted by Apple, but from that announcement it is not possible to know details of "what kind of wireless charging method does Apple adopt?" Originally "9to 5Mac does not seem to know the details", but in any case it will be released in the latter half of 2017 the next iPhone that evolved into the rare bezel of rumors.

Prototype design drawing of "iPhone 8" leaks, predicted rendering image of the next iPhone that became a very small bezel - GIGAZINE

There are various predictions about the next iPhone that will appear in 2017 that will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the birth of the iPhone,KGI Securities"IPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus upgrade model and a completely new third model iPhone 8 are all compatible with wireless charging", JP Morgan analyst said "Apple announced Broadcom Although it has a cooperative relationship with this, it is possible that this function will not be shipped until next year, "the views are somewhat divided.

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