New iPhone 8 picture leaks, new to the back "White iPhone" appears

A new iPhone that Apple is supposed to release in 2017IPhone 8"Home button became abolished becoming ultra fine bezelVarious rumors are flowing and being done. Meanwhile, Chinese social mediaWeiboThe iPhone 8 image is running out from iPhone, so you can see what kind of terminal the new iPhone will become.

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Up to now iPhone 8Prototype design drawingYaMoldAlthough the pictures of the photos have been leaked, consistent with these was that the display became large with the adoption of "ultra fine bezel", and the dual camera on the back was extended vertically. However, when you look at the newly leaked image, you can see that coloring that does not appear in the previous line appears to appear.

Looking at the image that leaked this time, you can see that the Touch ID sensor is moving just under Apple's logo on the back of the iPhone. So far there were two predictions that the Touch ID sensor is embedded in the display and the prediction that it will move to the back, but it suggests that the leaked image moves to the back.

Also, part of the analyst iPhone 8Compatible with wireless chargingWe predicted that "a part of the back becomes a glass material" in order to do, but as far as the leakage image is seen the back side is likely to be aluminum as before.

Furthermore, if you look at two leakage images, you can see that the iPhone, which seems to be a new color with a white back on the left side of the first one, is placed. As expected, the front display seems to have a small bezel and the screen occupancy will be large. In addition, leaked in April 2017Prototype design drawingIn the image leaked this time andSame iPhoneExisted.

Benjamin Geskin who is doing the leakage of Apple products same image as this is publishing with tweet "Twitter image of iPhone 8 from China" on Twitter. Benjamin Geskin said that this image is the fact that Chinese firms have realized the initial prototype model of iPhone 8. It is unknown whether the final design of the iPhone 8 will be the same, but Mac Rumors says "that direction is a glimpse."

Aside from this,MobileXpose.comI also have rendered images of iPhone 8 on their own route. In this image also four colors of black, silver, white and gold are lined up, let us pretend the appearance of "pure white iPhone". In addition, in this rendered image Touch ID is not arranged on the back.

Furthermore, it appeared in April 2017Dummy model of iPhone 8A movie that is actually touching these things is also made public.

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