Blowing out the fire of the birthday cake candle will make the bacteria in the cake 1,400%

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Some people are worried about the act of "blowing out candles on birthday cake", "Is it possible that the collar will lean on the cake and the bacteria will sprinkle?" Scientists conducted experiments and investigated such daily questions, and it turned out that the number of bacteria was 1400%, that is, 14 times, by the act of "blowing out candles' fire."

Bacterial Transfer Associated with Blowing Out Candles on a Birthday Cake | Dawson | Journal of Food Research

Blowing Out Birthday Candles Increases Cake Bacteria by 1,400 Percent - The Atlantic

Professor Paul Dawson, who conducts research on food safety at the University of Clemson et al. How much bacteria spread by blowing out the birthday cake candle? In order to investigate the fact, Professor Dawson cooperated with the students to do experiments that were as close as possible to actual environments. That is, I covered the base made of polystyrene foam with iced aluminum foil, put up a candle there and actually blew off the fire. In addition, he said he ate pizza before blowing out the candle to promote saliva secretion.

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After that, when "When I blew out the candle's fire" "When the candle's fire was not blown out" Both icing bacteria were cultured and examined, and the bacteria in icing when the candle was blown out blown About 14 times that it was when it was not erased. The interesting thing is that the amount of bacteria diffused by the person who blows out the candle changes, and when one of the students blew out the candle, more than 120 times bacteria were observed in some cases . I do not mention the reasons, but it seems that some people do not, as long as there are people who transfer a lot of bacteria to the cake.

However, researchers say that it is often not toxic to these bacteria, so "We do not have to worry about eating birthday cakes after blowing out candles." "In my opinion, this is not a health concern, even if I do the same thing 100,000 times, the possibility of getting sick is extremely low," Dawson said. On the other hand, because there is the possibility of spreading influenza virus and the like to the birthday cake, it is natural that it is better to avoid people in the sick blowing out the cake.

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In addition, Professor Dawson et al.Effectiveness of 5 seconds rule"Or"How long does bacteria spread by twice pickling sauce?We are investigating the question about food safety which occurs in daily life, such as being said. Regarding the 5 second rule, Salmonella etc. insist that it is not "time" but "a place dropped" because it is "moving on food to be able to survive for more than 4 weeks on a dry surface" soon It is said that the source twice pickles spread bacteria to "shaking hands and sneezing with strangers".

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