The possibility that dishwashing becomes a stress relaxation agent, how to wash it?

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Dish-washing after cooking is a troublesome task, and there are a lot of people who shy away dish-washing by introducing a fully automatic dishwasher. But washing dishes "There is a possibility of reducing stress"The results of the research indicating that it is" Springer (Science Journal)Springer), And the causes and conditions under which stress is alleviated are considered.

Washing Dishes to Wash the Dishes: Brief Instruction in an Informal Mindfulness Practice - Springer

Washing Dishes Is a Great Stress Reliever, Science Says

The research results on dishwashing was announced at the University of Florida research team, and as a result of having 51 students wash the dishes, it was found that washing the dishes "carefully" has the effect of lowering the stress level He said that. The research team prepared a message to encourage students to concentrate and a message to simply instruct dishwashing, and they had half of the students read it before washing the dishes. After that, we had all of us wash the dishes, and the effect that appeared to the students was verified.

A message urging students to concentrate is: "While you are doing the dishes, just think about washing the dishes, wash the dishes while washing the dishes carefully paying attention to each piece of dishes Please, it means "It is meaning. At first sight it seems like an incomprehensible message, but in 25% of the group who was carefully dishwashed, the effect of a 27% reduction in tension level was seen. Meanwhile, the same effect was not confirmed in the group that did not wash the dishes carefully.

To carefully wash dishes, it is difficult to identify the cause of stress reduction, because you will feel the smell of soap, the temperature of water, the feel of dishes etc. Also, since it is a very small group with a verification number of 51 people, it seems necessary to verify with a larger number of people, but Adam Hanley who is one of the research authors said, "Not limited to dishwashing, Intentionally concentrating casual behaviors of yourself may create an effect to improve the calm of your heart. "


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