Vegetable oil used in fried food turned out to worsen colon cancer and inflammatory bowel disease


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Many people should feel that “fried food with plenty of oil is not good for the body”. A research team at the University of Massachusetts Amherst has found in experiments using mice that it worsens inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and colon cancer by ingesting the vegetable oil used in fried foods.

Thermally processed oil exaggerates colonic inflammation and colitis-associated colon tumorigenesis in mice | Cancer Prevention Research

Study Shows Frying Oil Consumption Worsened Colon Cancer and Colitis in Mice | Office of News & Media Relations | UMass Amherst

Deep-fried food cooked with plenty of oil is loved by people all over the world, but deep-fried food is said to have a negative effect on health. On the other hand, it seems that there are few experiments that examined how fried foods affect health, and most of the existing studies are mainly targeted at “healthy people”.

Therefore, a research team from Jianan Zhang et al., Who studied food science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and who was enrolled in a doctoral course, conducted an experiment in which mice were fed fried oil. In the experiment, a typical commercial fryer used in a university cafeteria was used as a sample of canola oil, which is often used by humans when fried, to 325 degrees Fahrenheit (about 163 degrees Celsius). “Canola oil is widely used in deep-fried food in the United States,” says Jianan Zhang.

The research team divided the mice into two groups, and one group had a normal powdered meal mixed with “normal oil” and “overheated frying oil”. The other group was fed a powdered meal with only normal oil, and the research team investigated the health differences between the two groups.


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As a result of the experiment, it was found that the mice in the group who took a meal mixed with fried oil had a worsening condition compared to the control group when they originally had inflammatory bowel disease or colon cancer. Inflammation became worse and tumor growth seemed to be promoted, `` In the group that ate fried oil, the size of the tumor doubled, '' commented Prof. Guodong Zhang, a member of the research team doing.

In addition, lipopolysaccharides composed of intestinal bacteria and lipids and polysaccharides entered the blood from the intestine and circulated throughout the body, causing inflammation in the body tissues.

Prior to this study, it was pointed out that fried oil was harmful to health. The cause is said to be because polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in vegetable oil are oxidized when overheated and become polar compounds to promote inflammation. To verify this point, the research team separated polar compounds from heated fried oil and mixed them with normal oils and polar compounds, and gave them to mice in the same way as in other experiments. He said that the health condition of the mice showed very similar results to the intake of fried oil, suggesting that polar compounds in the fried oil mediated the inflammatory effect.

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Associate professor Guodong Zhang emphasized that `` not that fried oil causes colon cancer '', and this result is only for those who already have specific symptoms to take fried oil Says it suggests a risk of progression. Jianan Zhang said, “For people who have colon cancer or who are prone to inflammatory bowel disease, it is probably a good idea to refrain from frying,” to better understand the effects of frying oil on health. Argued that it would lead to improvements in dietary guidelines.

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