Summary of erotic manga's "Yamada Elves" & "Izumi Saygumu" became three-dimensional figures

The original work is Fushimi Tsukasa, the original illustration is Kanzaki Hiro, "New Year's Sister" Combination New Heartful Brother Sister Delivered by Lovecome as a 1st Cool Animation Started in April 2017"Professor eromanga"I do not know exactly why, but for some reason some of the trailers of the fourth episode "Eromanga Teacher" are out of the group and the number of reproductions is increasing.

Preorder Movie TV anime "Teacher eromanga" # 4 - YouTube

Perhaps you are searching on YouTube and clicking on something big misunderstood only with that title and thumbnail images? Although I do not feel like I do not feel like it, but the number of other stories is basically written as "eromongha sensei", and since there is not something special written in the description section of the animation, I do not know the detailed cause, it is quite a mystery.

In any case,One Fest 2017 [summer]It is supposed to be evidence that it was working as it is to be able to sample immediately after three - dimensional timing at this timing, so I tried collecting various things.

First off from Kotobukiya. "Izumi Saise" on 1/7 scale released in December 2017, the price is 11,000 yen without tax

"Yamada Elf", also on January 7th release timing and price to be determined

At the Aoshima booth "Izumi Saise" on January 7 scale, the release time and price are undecided, Unitec is responsible for prototype, Erdra model (Jun), coloring chargeAkechi Hakurezuru. In addition, the garage kit which duplicated prototype before coloring on the limited venue of One Festival 2017 [summer]13,000 yen including taxIt was sold at.

From Ami Ami, "Izumi Saego ~ the first volume cover illust ver. ~ Ami Ami Limited Ver." Is scheduled to come out

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