Amazon's Jeff Bezos CEO took over Bill Gates, ranked in the world's richest man and fell shortly afterwards

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Amazon's Jeff Bezos is CEO of "Bloomberg Billionaire" which ranked the top 100 assets in the world in March 2017Lead to second placeAlthough it was Bloomberg Billionaire index dated June 27, Mr. Bezos surpassed Microsoft's founder, Bill Gates, and ranked number one in the world. However, although Amazon made a report on the settlement in a few hours, Amazon's stock price fell by 3%, so Mr. Bezos's 'billionaires of the world' has collapsed in just a few hours It was.

Bloomberg Billionaires Index

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Although Amazon's second quarter revenue was expected to decline, Amazon's stock price recorded a record high on day trading on June 27. As a result, assets of Jeff Bezos, which owns 17% of Amazon's shares, were expected to reach 90.7 billion dollars (about 10 trillion yen), surpassing Bill Gates who reigned for the first time in a row, Bloomberg It ranked No. 1 in the world with the Billionaire index.

According to Amazon's earnings report announced several hours later, Amazon's second-quarter revenue was $ 38 billion (about 4.2 trillion yen), while profits were $ 197 million (about 21.9 billion yen ). It is 77% lower than the previous year's view only by profit amount, which is mainly attributable to Amazon's active investment in its business. According to the announcement, the stock price of Amazon, which had been soaring, decreased by 3%, Mr. Bezos' Bloomberg Billionaire index was renewed to second place as it was.

Since the market capitalization of Amazon and Microsoft continues to fluctuate, it is expected that Mr. Bezos and Mr. Gates will make the first round trip between the Bloomberg Billionaire index in the future.

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