Head-up display "NUVIZ" for the world's first bike helmet can be used for car navigation, traveling speed display, photography, etc.

A car navigation system that displays information such as route guidance and running speed on the windshield of a car is gradually increasing in number, but for a motorcycle that can not be described as "projecting information on the windshield", HUD ( Head up display) "NUVIZ" has appeared.

NUVIZ, Inc. | NUVIZ. The First Head-Up Display for Motorcycling.

An image of what kind of feeling is actually used is released.

NUVIZ - Enhance Your Ride. On Vimeo

"NUVIZ" wearing full face helmet

Set routes with smartphone

Then turn on the power of NUVIZ. A terminal that can connect with NUVIZ is equipped with an OS of iOS 10.2 or higher, or Android 4.4.2 or higher.

Next, click the button of the controller of NUVIZ attached to the end of the handle.

Then, music began to flow.

Raise the volume and start a comfortable tooling.

It looks like this from the rider. NUVIZ is operating as a speedometer & simple navigation.

As with watch type wearable devices, telephone functions can be used.

As a car navigation system, an orthodox flat display and ...

It supports bird's eye view display.

When you see stunning scenery during touring you can also take pictures and video shooting without stopping the bike.

The price of NUVIZ is 699 dollars (about 75 thousand yen), and free shipping to the United States and Europe. 30 day returned goods guarantee and 1 year quality assurance are attached.


The body to be worn on a helmet has this shape.

This side is like this.

Apart from the main body, there is a switch attached to the end of the handle, and music playback and photography etc. are operated with this.

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