Amazon's Jeff Bezos CEO to the second richest man in the world

BySteve Jurvetson

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos (53 years old) is the founder of ZARA, which has kept the world's second largest asset value in the pastAmancio OrtegaHe is the president of Mr. Berkshire HathawayWarren BuffettHaving held down Mr. and emerged as second in the Bloomberg Billionaire index.

Jeff Bezos Is Now the World's Second Richest Person - Bloomberg

After Amazon announced the acquisition of, the largest e-commerce site in the Middle East, Amazon's stock price rose to $ 18.32 (about 2020 yen). Reflecting this situation in Mr. Bezos' assets, $ 1.5 billion (about 167 billion yen) will be added. , The total asset value of Mr. Bezos by Bloomberg Billionaire index was 75.6 billion dollars (about 8.418 billion yen), the total assets of Buffett and Ortega are respectively 700 million dollars (about 78 billion yen), 13 It was over 100 million dollars (about 144.8 billion yen).

Mr. Bezos has increased its total asset value by 7 billion dollars (about 780 billion yen) only in 2017 due to the global stock price rise caused by President Donald Trump's election. This increase will be the top level among Bloomberg's index in 2017, with Wang Wei, one of China's top asset owners, at $ 18.4 billion (about 2 trillion yen), Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg It is the third after 11.4 billion dollars (about 1 trillion 269 billion yen).

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