We arrested a Russian man suspected of money laundering over 440 billion yen using bit coin and is also related to down of major exchange "BTC-e"

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It is one of the world's largest bit coin (Bitcoin) exchanges and has a history "BTC-e"We are shutting down on the night of July 25, 2017 as" unscheduled maintenance ", but a Russian man who is considered to be the person concerned was arrested for money laundering It is reported that it is.

BTC - e Connected to Bitcoin Money Laundering Arrest in Greece - CoinDesk

Greece arrests Russian suspected of running $ 4 billion bitcoin laundering ring

Alexander Binic (38) was arrested in Greece on July 26. California issued arrest warrants in January 2017.

According to police announcement, Binic suspects involved in money laundering of at least 4 billion dollars (about 444 billion yen) since 2011 when BTC - e was founded. Anonymous BTC-e officials acknowledged that Binic is a key person of BTC-e and that BTC-e has been shut down as a "technical problem" since the evening of July 25, 2017 It is regarded as related.

WizSec, dealing with information on bit coins, pointed out that Binic suspects are also involved in bit coins that were missing from the bit coin exchange "Mt. Gox" that occurred in 2014.

WizSec: Breaking open the MtGox case, part 1

WizSec illustrates the flow of bit coins stolen. The flow is from the left to the right, the part with the blue label is Mt.Gox on the left, the part with the orange label on the right is BTC-e.


The feature of bit coin is the mechanism of block chain which stacks its movement (settlement) records, and in the case of Binic suspects, connection with BTC - e and connection to Mt. Gox ' That's why.

Whether or not BTC - e itself, the exchanger, was involved in Mt. Gox 's case and money laundering is unknown at the moment.

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