In the trip of 150 countries of Chariderman, Korea was the best country where dislikes did not occur

Before I started cycling around the world, I thought "I do not have to go to Korea." When searching for Korean information on the Internet, things that make me feel bad were caught, "Takeshima" "comfort women" "Yasukuni shrine" "Korea consolidation" caught up and it was enough to have a sense of evasion.

Hello,Takuya SAITO who did a round around the world by bicycle @ Charridermanis. When I was in Japan, I had noticed a bad news from Korea, so I had anxiety and tension in Korea's journey. However, in fact, none of the bad things happened.

◆ Working holiday
It was the working holiday in Australia that changed our way of thinking towards Korea. That is why I was able to make Korean friends. They also came to Australia on a working holiday and worked together on the farm. Because the way of thinking and lifestyle are close, it was easier for people with them than Europeans. Because the level of English is close, communication is easy to take, and whenever I noticed it was always together. The voice that the child of Korea calls "Oppar", "Onny" and someone is still in my mind. Homemade kimchi was also a feast. There were people who complain to anyone and took on an unpleasant work by themselves. There was a man who kindly did not enemy in a place where neither right nor left is known. I wanted to touch those people with such hearts and see their country.

Pictures of working together on the farm

◆ Running Korea by bicycle
In May 2009, I went to Busan in Korea from a local / Fukuoka through Iki, Tsushima via boat. It was overseas for the first time in about a year. However, I got out of my nose. I could not use the bank's card because I do not know the password. There is no won in local currency at hand. As the sunset was over, the exchange office was closed. Because there was no choice, I went to Busan 's railway station. Because it was a big station, I used the paperback with a nearby bench and revealed the night while getting involved.

In the morning, I was able to get a Korean won at the exchange counter at the port, but the next will not go well either. The lodging we were relying on was closed. "The sign of the hot spring mark was supposed to be a cheap hotel", searching for a cheap hotel by a traveler's intuition, depending on suspicious information. The first one I found was a public bath hot spring mark, but the second one was a cheap hotel. A single room costs 20,000 won per night (about 1650 yen). There is beds, TV, desk and chair in the room of sufficient size and it is put in refrigerator. Because I intended to stay in the dormitory with the same money, it was a quite favorable room compared with it. We stayed for 4 days. It was managed by a couple in their 40s and 50s. At the time of departure the owner of the hotel said, "Please do again, please." Whether I remembered it, it was awkward, but my heart became hot.

It was a love hotel, probably because I heard that there was a nasty picture when turning on the TV, but I also want to go play again.

Room that was comfortable

Couple who took care of us

While running along the sea path, a single bike stopped at a small uphill. It was a young lady traveling with a Honda 100cc bike. She attached a Samsung car navigation system. Because they are rare, both of us are helmets so we can not grasp the sense of distance. I apologize to you as "Sorry" if you bump your head against the knackle. It is strange and my cheeks are loose. I talked a little. Saying goodbye, do you want to see a running figure, urge that "go ahead"? If you look a little foolishly saying "go up this slope," she will push the bicycle with a laugh. It was youth. My heart was filled with sweet and sour like to shout to the sea.

Moments of a bewitching seaside

For safety, I put a flag on my bicycle. The Japanese flag and the carp streamer to match the time. When you enter the service area of ​​the national highway with such a bicycle, it is welcomed to the aunt of the shop. Although it was only Korean, the power of aunt is universal in the world. While nico Nico joined the flag flag of the Korean flag under the Hinomaru "Take this". I handed the carp streamers to thank you. Was the flag stand out, often when you stopped the car, you got water or an apple.

My aunt who gave me the flag

I ran through Korea from Busan to Seoul, but nothing happened to me.

Korean cyclists

Build your shoulders.

In Gangneung of the Sea of ​​Japan side and Seoul of the capital, I was indebted to the local Korean residence. One met Tsushima, one met near Busan. They also traveled by bicycle. I had bedtime prepared and had a meal and I really enjoyed it. I talked a lot about Japan and Korea as well. WBC, Kim Younha, soccer etc. Korea as a rival. Anomalies in the pachinko parlor that many people see even in Tsushima, with a Korean perspective. With a Japanese perspective, the level of Korean English acquisition is high. Net game poisoning may be a common problem for both countries. And the strongest to remain is the story that Japan annexed Korea.

In this, "Japan and Korea can not be family members, I told myself that it is best to make friends as friends." It is impossible to combine two countries with different languages ​​and cultures. Instead, I think that each country should recognize their sovereignty in different countries and aim for a relationship that can mutually respect each other.

At Gangneung

In Seoul

There was one act that a grandmother of a shop stopped by while traveling told Japanese nostalgic when I understood that I was Japanese.

Fish Market in Busan

Korean fishing village overlapped with Japanese landscape

Stick to the Korean cuisine

Korea's Lotteria

I traveled around the world around the world and visited 150 countries, but Korea was a cozy country to compete for 1 or 2 among them.

◆ Someday again to Korea
Although the trip of Chariderman is over, I feel that the voice of "Korean dislike" is growing bigger than when traveling in Korea. I can not affirm the whole way of Korea's way of doing. Still, because I have experience of traveling, I will not be dominated by feeling of repulsion / disgust like old days. Someday I plan to travel to Korea again.

The impression that Korea has in the country is each person. Of such a myriad as one of the "Korea feeling", I wrote these articles.

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