I drank "afternoon tea chocolate mint milk tea" seriously made for the chocolate mint love chocolate party

Using Uba tea which is one of the world's three biggest teas, you can enjoy a refreshing sweetness where the flavor of chocolate and refreshing mint blends exquisitelyGiraffe afternoon tea chocolate mint milk tea"Will appear for a limited time from 1 August 2017 (Tue). I was able to get ahead of it, so I actually tried to drink what kind of finish it was.

"Kirin Afternoon Tea Chocolate Mint Milk Tea" New release on August 1 (Tue) for a limited time | 2017 | News Release | Giraffe

This is "Kirin Afternoon Tea Chocolate Mint Milk Tea". It is refreshing package based on light blue.

"The world's three biggest teasUbaThe use of tea leaves (70%) ". Normal afternoon tea is mainlycandySince tea leaves are used, it seems that the type of tea leaves has been changed according to the flavor of chocolate mint.

Calories are 40 kcal per 100 ml. Since the content is 320 ml, it is 128 kcal per one.

As raw material names, you can not find anything that makes you feel chocolate or mint, along with milk, sugar, black tea, whole powdered milk, skim milk powder ......

However, from the moment of opening the cap, fluff ... ... and the scent of mint drifting. There is a smell of black tea, but mint is stronger if it is rather.

When I tried drinking, the impression of "Is that so sweet?" Crosses my head. From the taste of tea and the sweetness of sugar, it is the flavor of mint that comes right at once. Besides, it is not just a mint flavor, but it certainly feels an element reminiscent of "chocolate mint" for some reason. The inside of the mouth became cool and cold when drinking a lot, and the milk tea and chocolate mint became a refreshing drink coexisting well. Appeared in 2015 "Boscafe chocolate mintIt was a delicate chocolate mint condition so I was drunk as "What kind of finish is ... ..." I was drunk, but it seems to be said that it is a finish that can satisfy Chocolate mint love. Conversely, in the case of a person who is not good at chocolate mint, it is felt like "I like eating a mixture of toothpaste and chocolate", so those who do not accept mints should never extend their hands It is a drink.

When I drank a normal version afternoon tea milk tea to realize how much it is different from the original afternoon tea, when I drank the first bite, I immediately saw "smell of black tea" "sweetness" It finishes spreading. To the contrary, "Chocolate mint milk tea" is suppressed to suppress the assertion of "tea" to complement "chocolate mint", and "Although chocolate mint milk tea is black tea, tea is a foster of mint I was surprised that it felt like "... ...!"

In addition, "Kirin Afternoon Tea Chocolate Mint Milk Tea" is released on August 1, 2017 (Tue), the price is 140 yen without tax.

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