Free diving into the pool "Y 40" deep in the world with a depth of 40 meters

A world champion of "free diving" that points to raw dive without an air cylinder,Guillaume NellyMr. Poole, a pool with a depth of 40 meters "Y 40I did a challenge to dive without a bottle to the bottom of the bottle.

Y40 jump: Guillaume Néry explores the deepest pool in the world - YouTube

This is the world's deepest pool "Y 40" in Italy. Mr. Nelly jumped from the top.

Y 40 is not just a rectangle like a common pool, the top is designed to stack blocks.

Mr. Nelly continues to dive steadily with smooth movement though it is already dive to a position considerably deeper than the usual pool.

At the end you peeped in, a hole cut out into a cylinder shape, the hole whose bottom can not be seen.

Carefully land on the border of the hole.

While standing in the hole and in the standby state of diving. Even with just the time to come so far, it has passed as long as an ordinary man can not breathe.

Mr. Nelly jumps lightly and starts dive while looking at the bottom of the hole.

I firmly close both hands and feet and dives in an upright immovable state.

A scene that makes the evangelion a little daunting.

There is no escape mouth in the middle, even if you do not keep breathing, there is no air anywhere.

But Mr. Nelly will get down to the bottom of the water with calm gravity alone without panic.

Landing at the bottom of the pool written "Y-40" and Ston.

I have succeeded in free diving of the world's deepest pool.

In addition, Mr. Guillaume Nelly can see the movie that will freefall to the large hole "Deans Blue Hall" with a depth of 202 meters, which is not visible, from the following.

Guillaume Nery base jumping at Dean's Blue Hole, filmed on breath hold by Julie Gautier - YouTube

In addition, videos that made the free diving 125 meters deep were also released.

Guillaume Néry dives at-125m - YouTube

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