I ate a lake bus shop "SUGOEN" which was rich in flavor and definitely getting fuzzy

A classic snack of Lake Snake shop "Scone" became awesome, its name also "Sghon"Has appeared in convenience stores nationwide since July 3, 2017. We upgraded to the next higher stage by commitment to the material "Scorpion prawns whole"Scorn chicken charcoal grillingTwo pieces of "GIGAZINE" editorial department arrived, so I tried to eat it quickly what is amazing.

Sugon | Lake Ikebayashi Co., Ltd.

The red package is "whole prawn lobster", the blue package is "Sugorn chicken charcoal grill", gold color is used for letters and illustrations.

What was shipped was "Sugorn's Wonderful Campaign"Sugon dedicated stage" and "Sogon exclusive sense".

I actually assembled and put on the scion. As expected True stage, color and image fit perfectly.

I can not deny the feeling "Anyway ... ...", but somehow the tension goes up.

"Sugorn prawn whole" is crushed whole head of Shrimp Ise, Sakura Prawn, Shrimp Shrimp and used it.

In raw materials it is expressed as "shrimp powder (sweet shrimp head, shrimp Ise, cherry shrimp)". In addition to this, "sweet shrimp extract powder" "krill extract powder" "shrimp" etc. are used.

"Sugorn chicken charcoal grill" is "a delicious taste due to the taste of chicken and vegetables boiled out and the extract of round chicken."

Is it "chicken bouillon powder" or "chicken extract powder" that seems to be based on that taste?

It was awesome so I asked two kinds of Sgoeon to appear on the stage.

"Sugon seafood whole" is a snack with no name, a shrimp flavor is intense. The rich flavor like shrimp's miso is included, and the impression that it is a pretty rich taste as snacks that can be purchased around 150 yen.

On the other hand, "Sugorn chicken charcoal grill" is a feeling that charcoal grillish fragrance spreads in the mouth and is perfect for alcohol knob, but the taste of "chicken" is not so strong it is somewhat surprising did.

Both of the two types of convenience stores nationwide starts from July 3, 2017, in supermarkets etc from July 24, 2017, the price is expected to be around 150 yen per tax.

Incidentally, the folding stage and the dedicated stage for Sugon are held in July 2017GIGAZINE Summer gift big release project "Please answer the questionnaire and bring them all!"It is possible to get in. The application deadline is Thursday, August 3, 2017, at 23:59.

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