What is the profit of drilling the virtual currency Bitcoin with "Alto", the founder of modern PCs?

Computer that was born at Palo Alto Research Center in the USA in 1973Alto"Is the first computer to enable GUI operation with a mouse. Based on this, the late Steve Jobs is using Apple "Macintosh"Spreading the GUI to the world, Microsoft led by Bill · Gates also brought Windows, and it is regarded that computers became familiar presence at a stretch. When I tried executing "biting coin" "mining (excavation)" which is one of the latest computer technology as of 2017 in Alto which can be said as an ancestor of such a modern PC, it turned out that it was a tremendous result.

Bitcoin mining on a vintage Xerox Alto: very slow at 1.5 hashes / second

This attempt is to restore Alto so that it can be used againA series of projectsIt is what Ken Shirriff who is doing is doing. We have already successfully restored Alto itself in mid 2016 and have succeeded in actually running some programs.

The legendary Xerox machine "Alto" that Jobs made under the Macintosh GUI design finally succeeded - GIGAZINE

The bit coin which is the virtual currency on the net records the log of the transaction (movement) that occurs when the user clears it in data called "block chain". It is the greatest feature of bit coins that this block chain is not managed by a single center, but distributed processing by computers connected to the network, but it handles the successful transactions around the world In order to confirm that the transaction is not fraudulent, the computer will do the processing based on the encryption technology.

Bit coins are offered to the owner of the computer responsible for this process according to a certain percentage. This is what is called "bit coin mining (bit coin mining)", as of the beginning of July 2017, in order to dig a bit coin of 1 bit coin = about 300,000 yen, Coin mining is actively being carried out. In the latest bit coin mining, it is crazy to arrange machines called "ASIC" on the level of hundreds of machines, installed in suburban buildings, cool enormous fans, and carry out bit coin mining for 24 hours People who adopt the method appear one after another.

A water cooling system using the entire building has appeared at Bitcoin's mining facility - GIGAZINE

In such a fascinating world, when I tried bit coin mining using Alto, the number that was ejected was "1.5 hashes per second"something like.Hash valueIs a unit used to indicate the performance of a bit coin mining machine, but considering the situation that the most recent ASIC will calculate a few gigash hashes per second, that is, billions of hashes per second, You should know at what level Alto's performance is.

So, how long does it take to actually dig a bit coin using Alto? Compared with the actual state of bit coin mining as of July 2017, it took 5000 times as long as the time that this universe exists to reach "1 block" which is a unit of bit coin digging out. Also, the required electricity charge will be an excessive amount of 2 x 10 16 dollars, that is, "200 trillion trillion dollars = bilingual dollar (about 220 Kyou)", but the bit The amount of the coin corresponds only to about 3 million yen.

Bitcoin mining with Alto seems not to be very profitable.

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