"Sketch-RNN" that the neural network inherits the drawing on the way of drawing and completes the illustration

"Quick, Draw!Hand-drawn illustrations gathered from "The recurrent neural network (the recurrent neural network) has made neural networks learn drawing using millionsRNN) Model's "Sketch-RNN"is. This is to automatically complete the illustration of the subject from the line drawn by the user based on the given theme, and it is still in the stage of demonstration, but what is actually done is released.

Draw Together with a Neural Network

The "Sketch - RNN" demo can be experienced from the following.


When you click "Model" at the top of the screen, various names such as "garden" "angel" "cat" are displayed. From here I decide "What to draw on Sketch - RNN", but this time I chose "cat (cat)".

Then you can draw lines appropriately with the mouse on the screen OK.

When you finish drawing lines, Sketch - RNN will undertake the rest. In the following cases, the purple line is automatically drawn by Sketch - RNN.

If left unattended, it made illustrations of various cats based on the line drawn by the user.

The following page is a page that can check multiple patterns of illustrations created by Sketch - RNN at the same time. The line (green) drawn on the left side of the screen becomes the base and Sketch - RNN adds the line (purple) to complete the illustration, but you can check several kinds of completion lines at the same time.

Sketch-rnn predictor

It's easy to use, select a subject from the bottom of the screen. This time I will select "bird".

Just draw a line to the left of the screen. The line drawn by the bird's face drawn in the red frame part is the line drawn by oneself, the one displayed on the right is the illustration of the bird completed by Sketch-RNN.

The following page is a strange demo that displays two different illustrations drawn based on a given theme and shows a process of resembling an illustration from one to the other.

Sketch-rnn interpolation.

How to use is easy, first decide the subject from the bottom left of the screen. This time, we selected bear (bear).

Then click "randomize" at the left and right edges of the screen.

Finally press "Interpolate!" At the center of the screen ... ...

Illustrations randomly displayed on the left side of the screen are drawn as a process of transforming into another illustration displayed on the right side of the screen.

The following page is the same theme as the illustration drawn by the user, Sketch-RNN draws illustrations similar to each other from the story.

Sketch-rnn bus auto-encoder.

First, set the subject from the bottom of the screen. Select "bus" this time.

Pull the line to the left of the screen and click "auto-encode".

Then it will generate a picture of several buses.

This Sketch-RNN was developed by Google Brain, an artificial intelligence division inside Google. It was first announced in April 2017 that we announced through demonstration how we evolved from there.

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