What happens if your pet's face changes to another animal? NVIDIA Develops a Tool to Experiment with AI



NVIDIA has released a tool ' PetSwap ' that converts a pet's face into another animal's face simply by uploading the pet's face. For example, if you have a golden retriever, what does it look like when your dog is a chihuahua, poodle or polar bear? It is possible to experiment. Also, when you upload a photo of a human, what does it look like when that person is Dalmatian? You can see etc.


To convert a pet's face, first select the pet's photo from 'Reference' and click 'Open'.

When you click 'Upload', the image of the pet will appear immediately below the button, so right-click and drag the pet's face in a black frame.

Click 'Translate'.

At this time, if you are using Google Chrome, the following icon may appear next to the address bar, so click the icon and click 'Load Unsafe Script'.

In Firefox, click the 'Connect' arrow from the icon in front of the address bar ...

You can use it by pressing 'Deactivate this session only'.

When you press 'Translate' again after the above process, the pet's face is converted to another creature's face as follows. The upper left is the original image, and faces of all 15 species of animals such as 'Pit Bull Terrier' and 'Corley' and other species such as 'Tiger Cat' and 'Silver Bear' are arranged. Somehow everyone's face is the same, and I'll see it as 'I wonder if it makes you look like this ...'.

Further experiment with pictures of

puppies .

The picture after conversion looks like this. Since the original picture of the puppy that is not angry, the faces of husky dogs, leopards, hyenas, etc. also had a somewhat inconspicuous look.

OK for animals other than dogs.

It's a hamster ...

The following feeling. Some are 'understood' and others are 'hmm?'

Even human beings are possible.

When I tried it on a male face , various dogs and animals stared at it with a humanly expression and it was quite unique. Terriers and dalmatians were particularly convincing.

PetSwap is a new unsupervised image-to-image conversion (FUNIT) project. FUNIT is a framework build using GANs , and NVIDIA has used this technology to train AI drivers and tools to create people who have never existed before.

The human brain can imagine what a standing dog looks like when lying down, based on the behavior of other animals, but machine learning algorithms can not do this. Researchers at FUNIT say that the task is to fill the gap between the AI and the human brain. The 'algorithm to think about what it looks like based on an example image', used by PetSwap, is considered to be able to convert photos of one nature into photos of another nature, even with relatively small datasets.

[1905.01723] Few-Shot Unsupervised Image-to-Image Translation

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