Elderly person who wishes to commit suicide VS FPSS (First Person Viewpoint Rescuer / Suicide Game) by a nurse to prevent suicide "Stayin 'Alive"

Shooter game with first person viewpointFPSThere are various popular games, but FPSS (First Person Saver / Suicider) who changed this from a shooting game to a rescuer / a suicide game - First Person Viewpoint Rescuer / Suicide game is "Stayin 'Alive"is.

Steam: Stayin 'Alive

"Stayin 'Alive" is a multiplayer game to play on 4 to 4. Players will compete against the elderly of a wheelchair trying to do its best to die and the nurse trying to save it. The player decides which side of the wheelchair's elderly and nurse to fight and has become a strange game of suicide or living in life.

The game screen looks something like this. The game of one time is several minutes, the stage of the game is two kinds of nursing home or big hospital in South America.

Elderly people in wheelchairs operated by one team need to find a way to gather items and commit suicide and to carry out the purpose in a place suited for suicide. It looks like it seems like living a fun way with a funky appearance, but the elderly people who are suicide volunteers.

The nurse team against it needs to find a tool to save the life of a wheelchair's old man and to keep track of who is dying to prevent suicide.

Since the nurse searches for an old man in a wheelchair, the elderly side needs to kill suicide by scrutinizing the eye of the surveillance. Items for suicide are various such as razor made with toothbrush and burning kit using Zippo writer, the creativity of old people becomes the key of suicide.

An old man who prays to God in the church ...... I think it is planned to commit suicide by burning in the church because the pollution tank of fire is reflected in front of the screen.

Actually trying to kill suicide burned like this is like this. It is burning outstandingly.

Is this an electrocution?

An old man who suffers while throwing something grandly.

The nurse should calm such old people with sedation, put it in the restraint room and raise the score while preventing suicide.

Six types of suicide methods are prepared and there are relief tools for each, so nurses need to make good use of them.

Stayin 'Alive is being delivered on Steam demo version. Distribution of the main part is scheduled for the summer of 2017.

Steam: Stayin 'Alive

The people who actually experienced the demonstration play of Stayin 'Alive have released the play movie and can see from the following. The following is a Japanese play movie.

Grandpa on the Great Flame! Elderly person who wants to commit suicide VS. Nurse 【Stayin 'Alive Commentary】 - YouTube

English version of play movie.

Stayin 'Alive Gameplay (No commentary, Action, PC game) - YouTube

Stayin 'Alive Funny Moments! Suiciders vs Saviors (New Indie Game 2017) - YouTube

LET ME END MYSELF! | Stayin 'Alive Alpha Gameplay (Funny Moments) - YouTube

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