How to make a really moving miniature size "Apple II"

Model released by Apple in 1977Apple II"Is widely recognized as the origin of" Personal Computer "following the modern era, and it is regarded as a computer of great historical significance. It has made such Apple II a palm-sized miniature, a work with an emulator that actually works is announced, and even if there is further equipment and some knowledge anybody can make it yourself.

Building a Working Miniature Apple II Replica! - YouTube

This miniature version Apple II, "Apple II Mini for C.H.I.P."Software engineer Mr. Chris Larkin (left)

A created miniature model of Apple II. It is noteworthy that not only the appearance but also the internal OS emulates the built-in emulator and actually works.

Built-in lithium ion battery and computer board etc inside the main body. It is a scene that can not be forbidden to surprise you that the function of Apple II will be installed on such a small board in modern times.

The substrateNextthing.coIs selling for a price of 9 dollars (about 1000 yen)C. H.I.P.It is reproduced using. It was a small microcomputer like Raspberry Pi that Mr. Larkin, who was looking for what he could do with C. H. IP, learned about the existence of Apple II's emulator, and he came up with the creation of this model.

Appearance that you can understand that the body is 3D printed. There is a yellow terminal on the reverse side, which means that it is the second input terminal of a small TFT display with two inputs.

The keyboard does not move, it is dummy, it seems that it is colored to 3D print.

Because I can not use the keyboard, I use a wireless keyboard when I operate. Although it supports Bluetooth keyboard, USB wireless keyboard seems to be better in terms of reliability. Also, in this miniature it is possible to play games. Within 12V / 1900 mAh drone battery built in and powered by your own power supply unit, it is possible to drive for 8 hours.

And this Apple II Mini for C.H.I.P. is open to the public so that anybody can make his own work, according to Mr. Larkin, "It can be completed in about an hour". However, the time required for 3D printing of the main unit is not included.

First, output the main body with a 3D printer.

Spraying gold on white base, expressing color.

Brown system parts such as keyboard are also painted finish.

Wiring next. What I needed was that it was mainly wiring only for outputting images.

Soldering is also done when wiring.

Assemble the main body ......

I will assemble the outer side one after another by gluing the keyboard part.

And we will build soldered boards and parts.

Connect display and test operation

Successfully, the command line was displayed on the screen.

Completed in 5 hours in total including lunch time

It took time to say that it was necessary to work on the software side. If there is no problem, everyone seems to be able to assemble in half a day.

Like the original Apple II, it is possible to adjust the angle by shaking the screen up and down.

The knob next to the display is for adjusting the contrast of the display. Although it is equipped also with the original Apple II, it is said to be a dummy in this model.

Larkin asked, "If you want to add further hands from here?" Replied, "Attach the USB terminal to the back and make it correspond to the joystick." By doing so, it is said to be able to play games comfortably, furthermore it is theoretically possible to correspond to Bluetooth furthermore. Strangely, in July 2017 it was a work that appeared at the timing that it was the 40th anniversary since Apple II was born.

You can download the design drawing etc. necessary for the production of Apple II Mini for C.H.I.P. from the following GitHub page.

GitHub - Cupcakus / AppleIIMini: Apple II Mini for C. H.I.P

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