"Mini Mac" which reproduced the original Macintosh of 1/3 size with raspberry pie

Reproduced in LEGO blockAlthough it is still the "first generation Macintosh" boasting strong persistent popularity, there are people who recreated Macintosh 128 K on one third scale with Raspberry Pi.

Honey I Shrunk the Computer - RetroMacCast

Here is a Macintosh 128K miniature Mac "Mini Mac"is. The fact that the Mini Mac is on the palm of the creatorJohnMr. RetroMacCast which retro Mac enthusiasts gathers has released Mini Mac.

Mini Mac is a single board computer with an ARM processorRaspberry Pi (raspberry pie)Emulator for old Mac using "Mini v MacBy moving, I reproduce the original Macintosh in that small enclosure.

The case of the Mini Mac is called 3 mm thick "Sintra"Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)(So-called PVC board) with a cutter knife and sandpaper.

Comparing real genuine original Macintosh and Mini Mac this is like this. You can see the compactness of Mini Mac well.

The Mini Mac has a 3.5 inch monitor ......

The rest of the hardware is arranged like this in this way. Since each part is only fixed with screws, it is easy to remove it. The part with the HDMI terminal reflected on the lower left side inside the enclosure is the mainboard raspberry pie.

The specifications of Mini Mac are as follows.
Main board:Raspberry Pi Model B
memory:512 MB
LCD Monitor:320 x 200 pixels 3.5 inch monitor (External output possible with 512 x 384)
External terminal:HDMI terminal, USB 2.0 × 2, wired LAN port
Wireless function:Built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Mini Mac has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth,Apple Wireless KeyboardWhenMagic MouseIf you use, you can use other than the power cable in a wireless environment. If you use the HDMI terminal you can also output it to an external monitor.

A movie actually running Mini Mac is here.

Mini Mac - YouTube

The apple mark of the old Apple Computer (then).

Hardware uses Raspberry Pi.

It is beautiful that screen rendering is more beautiful by the naked eye.

You can also use paint software "MacPaint".

This is game software "CRYSTAL QUEST".

Raspberry Pi is a spec that you can play games with enough time.

Mini Mac is compact enough to hold with one hand.

It can also be used wirelessly.

It may be close to the day when a new Mini Mac with a built-in battery comes out to remove the last power cable left until here so that a complete wireless environment is realized.

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