The move to seek "the right to repair" Apple products that are hard to repair has expanded, Apple responded

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Apple's products pursue a beautiful design by sacrificing the ease of upgrading and repair, but this indicates that expensive equipment must be "disposable". While Apple has succeeded in selling more products, the demand for "right to repair" Apple products that had been said earlier is getting bigger, and at last Apple announces that this "repair The right to approve "right in the direction" is being advanced.

The Right to Repair Movement Is Forcing Apple to Change - Motherboard

Apple in the past decade has provided products pursuing design without considering customers' right to repair, but some changes have been seen in Apple. New "WWDC 2017 held on June 6, 2017 announced"IMac Pro"Is designed with modular design and has become a product of high upgradeability, including the first CPU and RAM (memory) upgrade option to be set up since 2014.

Moreover, in 2016, in order to cope with the failure of Multi-Touch which many users were suing, for iPhone 6 PlusMulti-Touch repair programHas been provided. If you exchange Touch ID with a third party, iPhone will become a document "Error 53In addition to responding to the problem with the update, we have changed the policy to maintain the guarantee of the product repaired using the third party products, and found that we are showing a flexible attitude toward product repair policy I will.

In addition, Apple is reported to launch the "iPhone Repair Pilot Program", which introduces some repair machines that are available only in the Apple Store at some Apple Authorized Service Providers, and repair periods have been shortened at stores other than the Apple Store, It is considered to be able to receive terminals. This implies that the Apple Store alone can not handle the customer's repair needs, and lobbyists' activities seeking "right to repair" Apple are also getting bigger,Bill to bring Apple "fair repair" in 12 provincesIt is thought that it is influenced also that preparation is prepared.

"IPhone Repair Pilot Program" starts accepting repair at the same level as Apple Store at affiliated stores - GIGAZINE

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