"The fotogenerator" where hand-painted line drawings are strangely transformed into real and terrible illustrations

"The fotogenerator"Concerning" conditional hostile network and interimage translation "by Philippe Isola(PDF)the studyIt is an automatic image creation tool created by Mr. Christophe Hesse based on. When drawing a picture using the mouse and pen tab in the area on the site, it has become an interesting site that line drawings are strangely converted into real and terrible illustrations, so I have actually drawn many things.

The fotogenerator

Draw a line with the mouse on "INPUT" part of "The fotogenerator" and click "process" ......

The drawn line drawing is transformed into a realistic appearance.

In the initial state, a picture of a man was drawn, and when it added a beard to this, it changed with such feeling.

If you click "clear" at the bottom of "INPUT", the input area becomes pure white. I will draw a new picture as it is. It's just a circle like this.

If it is a simple face it changes to a rather horrorous appearance.

When adding the hair, only the hair is totally realistic. Because the parts of the face only draws eyes, nose, mouth, it has become a fairly smart face.

When I added wrinkles on my face, I became more human like.

When I drew a woman with a mouse, the boundary between the hair around my neck and the skin is becoming a toy.

When I drew a hero of a national bread, it looks like a horror.

I tried to draw that creator, but it changed to a strange real touch.

When I paint a national cat robot, I am surprised that it properly colors blue / white coloring for some reason.

He is reliable on such a cat-shaped robot like this. It is difficult to recognize the eyeglasses well.

Finally, when I drew it with a pen tab, I was able to create a fairly realistic looking man.

Although I tried drawing a lot, basically it seems I can not convert well unless it is a human face. The part that can be successfully converted is "hair", and the one that is difficult to convert is "eye". Looking at the illustration displayed when accessing the site and the drawing drawn with the pen tab are considerably elaborately converted, there seems to be something like a trick to successfully convert it, so I will convert it in various ways In real moments you might get a realistic illustration.

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