"Nintendo Spotlight: E 3 2017" summarized Nintendo Switch new work information such as "Super Mario Odyssey" "Zelda Additional Content" "Pokemon New Work"

New series of Mario series of Nintendo Switch to be released in the winter of 2017Super Mario Odyssey"Nintendo in the US plays a major role in the new title of Nintendo Switch that will appear in 2017, such as" 2017 ", the Internet presentation to be conducted according to" E 3 ", the world's largest game trade fair"Nintendo Spotlight: E3 2017"Has started from 1 o'clock on June 14th of Japan time. GIGAZINE is planning to update the information released in real time.

Nintendo E3 2017 Information | Nintendo

Nintendo Spotlight: E3 2017 - YouTube

【E3】 Nintendo Spotlight: E3 2017 - 2017/06/13 25:00 start - Nico Nico Live broadcast

Opening movie starts

That's why the first release of the new title is from Monolith software.

Battle scene

"Xenobreyd 2"

Scheduled to appear in winter of 2017

Kirby's new work "Kirby for the Nintendo Switch (tentative name)" appears at Nintendo Switch

Star Kirby for Nintendo Switch (tentative name) trailer [E3 2017] - YouTube

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"Nintendo Switch's Pokemon New Work" is Developed by Pokemon Series Production Company Game Freak - GIGAZINE

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