Headline news on 14th June 2017

A compact DLP projector of size LG Electronics Japan can hold with one hand "HF80JGWe will release.

Brings brightness of 2,000 lumens and light source lifetime of about 20,000 hours "HF80JG" to be released sequentially nationwide from June 21 (Wed) | Press Release | LG Electronics Japan

HF80JG adopts a laser diode light as a light source, the resolution is full HD (1920 × 1080), 2000 lumens brightness, contrast ratio 150,000: can project a large screen up to 120 inches 1. Source common projector lamp be the to be realized 20,000 hours life at HF80JG whereas 5000 hours 3000 hours.

It can connect wirelessly with smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth compatible speakers, and also supports USB storage file playback. The anticipated actual sales price is 190,000 yen, it will be released on June 21, 2017.

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

A programmer who gained 10 million yen in annual income without working for 6 years fully automating work finally got fired - GIGAZINE

I tried using "My house is Yakiniku shop W Rich" to solve the problem of "Yakiniku no tarefumi" once in a single use - GIGAZINE

Looking back over the history of 100 years of female fashion at once - this is the case - GIGAZINE

3D printing technology that outputs nipples and organs from human cells, allowing hearts to output after 20 years - GIGAZINE

"Ten Commandments of Sushi" Alien Learned at a Sushi Restaurant of Craftsmanship - GIGAZINE

Seven DIY techniques that can greatly expand the expression of photography - GIGAZINE

How to use "Instapaper" to read saved articles later offline from every smartphone / tablet - GIGAZINE

Google's design guidelines such as Google's icons are being released by Google designers - GIGAZINE

Logo design coming out with a masochistic approach 30 - GIGAZINE

100 cubic cat images including cuckered cats and baby cats drinking milk, in cages - GIGAZINE

A boy who did sexual activity with a cow, to be married to the cow as a punishment - GIGAZINE

ATM of "Shinkin Bank", I went to the unknown back side and observed it - GIGAZINE

I made it with only a glass of water and made a meal of the SDF "Mimi Mushi" and tried it - GIGAZINE

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【Movie】 Squid that mimics hermit crabs, fish is toiled | National Geographic Japan version site

In the movie published by the research group of the University of the Ryukyus in May in the journal "Journal of Esology", Trough Koika changed the color of the body, gestures like moving the arm fluttering, pretends to hermit crab ing. Mr. Kohei Okamoto, who was the center of this research, wondered whether to approach the prey without being wary of it or to protect himself from predators.

A paint to "sunburn" without sunlight, 1 photograph developed over 10 years International news: AFPBB News

"Personality" does not change so much even if drunk: Rice research results | WIRED.jp

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Maekawa's new testimonial "Prime Minister Abe" In the Meiji Japan Industrial Revolution Heritage "also gorilla" Personnel intervention "(1/3) | AERA dot. (Aeradot)

Three months after filing a declaration in a Panama document is notified | NHK News

As a result of the national tax authorities examining the content of the tax return for the Japanese-related individuals and corporations whose names were listed in the "Panama document", the total amount of the declaration not including the voluntarily revised up to now is 3 billion I learned that I went up to the point of the yen in an interview with concerned parties.

Over 90% of "Butter crisis" broke out in France, a bread scream screams 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

Five legislators decided to newly establish veterinary department, five counterparts opposed: politics: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

First confirmation in homicidal ant "Hialy" Container from Kobe Port from China Low Ministry of Environment "Low possibility of escape to the outside" - Sankei news

Overbuilt bus, disappearing emotions ... Kyoto suffering as a rapidly growing visitor to Japan: Asahi Shimbun Digital

CNN.co.jp: North Korea releases American students More than a year in coma

A bomb with a nail attached to a supervisor, arresting a 25 year old Yonsei University graduate student - Chosun online Chosun Daily News

US officials detained negotiations with North Korea in Pyongyang with US liberation | NHK News

No qualified attorney arrested for over 40 years or 81-year-old man | NHK News

An 81 - year - old man in Tokyo was arrested by the Metropolitan Police Department, saying he did legal affairs such as proposing division of heritage despite having no lawyer qualification. The man has been acting for over 40 years in falsely as a lawyer.

Yui Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE) Society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

He said he handled unlicensed legal affairs for about 40 years and earned approximately 120 million yen.

Suspected of violating the Road Trip Law: Driving for boys? Video search Furukawa station investigation - Mainichi Newspaper

【Instance Crime Record】 Adult who makes children drive in public roads. - YouTube

Einstein's letter auctioned "God" and Israel mentioned 1 photo International news: AFPBB News

Www.fnn-news.com: Fire in high-rise buildings in London

CNN.co.jp: "McNugget is too late", an angry customer informs the police rice

Locked Naso Geo photographer releasing for the first time in a month | National Geographic Japan version site

According to lawyers and friends, Mr. Deupardon was stopped by a police officer who saw him taking pictures on May 8, and received checks of the pictures of himself up in the Instagram. Among them were pictures of soldiers of the Kurdistan Labor Party (PKK) that he shot a few months ago. PKK is an armed group that has been hostile to the Turkish government for several decades and has been designated by the US government as a terrorist organization. The policeman who found the photograph said he detained him as a supporter of terrorists and said Mr. Deupardon. At first there was a talk that the expulsion order was issued, but it never became a reality.

Using a live donkey as a tiger's feed, the video flames up, the problem is | National Geographic Japan version site

Out of stock! Why did "curl" shrink sales? Weekly Economist / Top Story | Economist Editorial Division | Mainichi Shimbun "Economic Premier"

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Soon, the day the Japanese will become 'endangered species' will come (Kawai Masashi) | Modern business | Kodansha (1/4)

Although it is not well-known, there is a continuation of this company research.

In "desk calculations" with certain conditions, it will be reduced to about 13.8 million people in 200 years and to about 4.5 million people in 300 years. The Japanese archipelago where the population density should have been very high in terms of the world is that it will become a state of being scarce from now on.

Three hundred years later is a far-away future figure that anyone living in the present can not confirm. However, 4.5 million people have made Fukuoka prefecture (about 5.1 million people) a little small. You can see that the declining population of Japan is not an easy-to-understand level such as the annihilation of rural areas.

I predict this "Desk Calculation" even further far. There are only 6000 people living in the Japanese archipelago in the year 2 900 AD, and how much it will be reduced to 2000 in the year 3000 AD. Before this extreme reduction, Japan will not be able to be established as a nation. On the contrary, the Japanese itself may become registered as "endangered species".

"Trouble" at the educational site Japanese "inconvenient" child doubling · · · TBS NEWS

Yodobashi Umeda "Pedestrian deck precedent construction" will be completed on June 30, 2017


So please read Wikipedia for details. You do not have to read it. If you look at how you make it all the time, you will find that it is crazy food. Although we mainly knew the existence of Buddha in the gourd shrimp, it is this that there is a neta book. Picture of Hakubishin of the delicious shrine at that time It is fun to see what it is like to be a torrent of this picture. As it is good, the story dates back to a little past.

too amazing.

"Yomi people's night" dumping dump to dump ... resident "I want to move": Asahi Shimbun Digital

How to face safety and risk in low temperature cooking (part 1) | Eating education communication online

Following the days of "why", "regret", "after incident" of whistleblowers - Yahoo! News

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The reason why Rakuten can not overcome Amazon was "The difference of logistic philosophy" (Kaitani Sili) | Modern business | Kodansha (1/3)

News Up Impact Drive Recorder Attracts Attention | NHK News

In the accident, the body of the bus broke greatly around the front part. However, with the Tojin sightseeing bus, we recorded the road conditions in the front and the situation inside the car with a drive recorder and sent it automatically to the server contracted by the company.

For this reason, the company could access the server and immediately check the video.

Toyota president "Competitors change" Google and others rival: Asahi Shimbun Digital

KEISUI ART STUDIO | World's smallest · Lego block USB memory was made.

Thai police investigate China's "Like" mass-production factory SIM card 400,000 seizure pictures 1 international news: AFPBB News

The police authorities in Thailand searched homes borrowed by three people near the Cambodian border on 11th and discovered that about 500 smartphones connected to the personal computer were lined up on the shelf. The authorities further said that they seized about 400,000 SIM cards made in Thailand.

Fibonacci man-hour estimation is a project management method that minimizes the harm caused by impossible games "Completion! (Overnight)" - Journal of the Hutory's diary

"Future Reinforcement Learning" in the content of Chapter 1 Third eyes side by side - Gunosy data analysis blog

Google Cloud Platform Japan Official Blog: Case Study of Nintendo Co., Ltd.: Google App Engine supporting the back end of the big title "Super Mario Run"

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A story of a contract with a cartoonist | Hidefumi Sato | note

Pico Taro's TV anime making decision Improvisation challenging "No script" "3 minutes fairy tale" | ORICON NEWS

The 3rd Splatoon Koshien held decision! - YouTube

A story of a contract with a cartoonist | Hidefumi Sato | note

I'm being treated like a damn but it is honest What kind of game do you like? Is it? Is it? : Game lazy news

At the moment I saw the movie "Three ..." is now good "Three major elements of the game" Photo Real "" Gun ": Game lazy news

2: Mr. Nanashi desperately wanted 2017/06/14 (Wednesday) 11: 11: 36.96 ID: HJw 3 gq R 60

67: Mr. Nanashi desperately deserved 2017/06/14 (Wednesday) 11: 29: 06.01 ID: 5Xhf + P0qa
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Isamoto Isao is truly great as a batter. Alright! Kill a record of five. - Professional Baseball - Number Web - Number

【MLB】 It is the fastest 164 km at the age of 17! Two nominated dual-swords to the Reds in the second draft overall | Baseball Channel (BaseBall Channel)

Full-count - Full-count - Baseball · MLB's comprehensive column site - What is it like to be a "gateway" for helpers who are aiming for success in Japan?

CR 7 Possibility of imprisonment for 6 years | From Liga Espanola! Spain football special site SPORT.es/ Sport

【Podolski】 The reason for Japan transfer is Kobe's enthusiasm! "I can not use chopsticks well, I also like sushi."

The ranking of "the best soccer player of the history" ranked by fans. The one who ranked first place ... | Football channel | Up a notch football site

Premier, consider holding Saturday night's game ... Is aim of acquiring further right of broadcasting fee? Football King

"Overheated compensation" national laughter NBA during brawl "Kiss" "Someone Titanic's Theme" | THE ANSWER Sports Culture & Development & Comprehensive News Site

Legends say. "Nishikori Kei is too weak mental, no chance" | Tennis | Shueisha's sports general magazine Sportiva official website web Sportiva

Www.fnn-news.com: impulses · submersible, sleeping drink driving

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(PDF file)Excavation of tasty! Jimoto noodles from Saitama stamina soy sauce ramen 2017/7/3 new release - Ace co c

(PDF)Super cup 1.5 times sauce is deciding factor Salted carnacle noodles / hemp noodles 2017 / July 3 New launch - Ace cock

"Elegant luxury soft sprinkle " New release on July 13, 2017 | Marumiya Food Industry Co., Ltd. press release

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