Nintendo Switch to Stage II Arcade Game Machine Wind Modifier

"Street Fighter II (St II)" that caused a big boom in the 1990s, after twenty five years,ULTRA STREET FIGHTER II The Final Challengers(Ultra Street Fighter II The Final Challengers) "Nintendo SwitchIt revived with. A reddit user who would have delighted about the appearance of 'Strat II Fighter II The Final Challengers (Ur II)'BioecnMr. St II, I made my own Nintendo Switch dock full of love, and it is definitely a quality that I can see in the look of envy from my fans.

DIY Nintendo Switch Dock: NintendoSwitch

This is my original Nintendo Switch dock created by bioecn. It has become an appearance of an arcade game machine style, and it seems that someone who has ever played St II in the game center is unlikely to grin.

However, the arcade buttons and stick parts are perfectly looking Haribote, you can not play games with this. Regarding the button surroundings, Mr. bioecn says, "Technically you can make buttons work, but we have to consider a few things, one to (to remodel the buttons to work) Joy It is necessary to disassemble -Con which is a little expensive work for me.In addition, I can embed Joy-Con (in an arcade style dock), but that's too small and it's too small There is a problem that it will not be suitable for play.In addition, I use the dockMario Kart 8 DeluxeI wanted to play, so I needed to use the L and R buttons (of Joy-Con), so I gave up the idea of ​​embedding Joy-Con in the dock. " Also, it seems that illustrations of docks are printed on matte paper for double-sided printing and pasted.

When playing ur II, bioecn sets that Nintendo Switch in this dock and is playing with "Nintendo Switch Pro controller". Some reddit users have "HORI's AKECONThere were people who commented that it would be perfect if you embed them.

The idea of ​​"storing Nintendo Switch in an arcade game machine-like dock" already exists since the release of Nintendo Switch in March, 2017. For example, on an online trading siteEtsyOn the above, NeoGeo 's arcade style dock was sold on March 26, 2017.

Nintendo Switch socle Arcade cabinet 3d print files

This is an arcade style dock that was sold. It was created with a 3D printer, which features a space to store Joy-Con under the controller part of the arcade.

Looking at it from the back, inside is like this with sky scarf, making it much simpler than I imagined.

Making is simple, but since the appearance is upgraded at a stretch, there is no doubt that the tension on the player side will rise. The self-supporting stand on the back of the Nintendo Switch is rather poor, so it took time to scoop out the potential needs of the user that they wanted a solid dock with a firm structure like these, which led to the remodeling of this time .

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