Google officially announced that it will install "advertisement filtering function" in Chrome, and "Ad Experience Reports" to check whether its site is subject to filtering is also available

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GoogleWe are considering installing ad blocking function in Chrome browserAlthough it was said, at least by the beginning of 2018, Google announces that it will implement "advertisement filtering function" instead of ad blocking function for mobile version / PC version of Chrome.

Building a better web for everyone

Google Will Help Publishers Prepare for a Chrome Ad Blocker Coming Next Year - WSJ

Because many websites rely on advertising revenue, it is ideal to post ads that people who visit your website really want to see. In fact, however, there are suddenly advertisements that make users feel uncomfortable, such as playing sounds and movies or letting them wait for 10 seconds before displaying the content they want to see. Users who dislike offensive advertisements may install ad blocking software that blocks all ads, but this will be a blow to all creators who rely on advertising revenue, such as content creators and journalists I will.

ByPascale Pirate Chickan

Meanwhile, Google plans to implement "advertisement filtering function" that will not display inappropriate advertisements in mobile version and PC version of Chrome within about 6 months. For types of "inappropriate advertisements" to be filtered, organizations that include News Corp., the parent company of Google · Facebook · Wall Street · Journal ·Coalition for Better AdsIt is stipulated by the following page that "pop-up advertisement", "video advertisement to be automatically played with voice", "pre-advertisement with countdown (advertisement appearing on the front of the screen)" "large size Position Fixed Banner Advertisement "," Flashing and Animating Advertisement "," Full Screen Advertisement ", etc. are explained.

The Initial Better Ads Standards - Coalition for Better Ads

In addition, we are working on "Ad Experience ReportsWe are now offering a tool called "Publisher", which allows publishers to evaluate whether ads on the site are blocked by Chrome. We are asking for preparation so that only "clean advertisement" can be displayed to each medium by formal implementation of Google.

"Ad Experience Reports" can be used when logging in with an account using the Google Search Console and it is displayed as follows.

Click on 'PC'

It will be like "Mobile"

When I selected from the "Confirmed Properties" for trial, it became the following display. As for examination criteria and confirmation cycle etc. alreadyhelpAre prepared for you.

Since Chrome's share accounts for 60% of the browser market, advertisements that are not accepted by Google will no longer appear in majority of net users. Although we are aiming for "a better web for everyone" that benefits both users and creators by eliminating only unpleasant advertisements, it is pointed out that "there is one drawback" It is. That means that it is Google that ultimately decides "acceptable ads" based on Coalition for Better Ads criteria. If you fully trust Google, "better web" should be built, but news mediaThe Verge"We need to keep in mind that Google has obtained 89% of revenue from advertisements," he said.

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