How is "64 k intro" that displays beautiful CG animation in real time within 64 KB?

A program that displays CG animation in real time with a slightly sized code is "demo"Mega Demo" as a demonstration that reduced the file size within 1 MB, and a demo that imposed further severe restrictions on the file size "64k intro"4k intro"And others exist. Intro Author Pekka Väänänen understands how this intro is made.

How a 64k intro is made

Mr. Väänänen first cited a movie called "Guberniya" published on YouTube.

Guberniya by Macau Exports (Final) - YouTube

It is a picture of the atmosphere that the spaceship came to the star with water like the earth.

The name of the staff appears at the end of the video, but the third "cce" from the left is Mr. Väänänen.

It's hard to notice because YouTube has no opportunity to care about the file size, but this video with BGM is contained in the executable file "guberniya.exe" and its file size is less than 64 KB.

Guberniya by Macau Exports :: pouë

Mr. Väänänen was a team of six people, began making Guberniya in January 2017 and completed in April. Mr. Väänänen likes Victor Antonov, who is known as the art director of "Half-Life 2" and commented, "The first sketch is like borrowing Half-Life 2". When clicking, the original sketch image of 1536 × 2048 pixels opened by Mr. Väänänen opens.

In terms of landscape, the atmosphere is based on Antony Scime's work "Eldion Passageway".

Eldion Passageway by AnthonyScime on DeviantArt

Also, Iceland's images and documentary movie "Koyaniskazzi / the world that loses equilibrium"It seems that he got inspiration from him.

Flying over Iceland (Part. II) on Vimeo

Koyaanisqatsi (1982) - Trailer in HD (Fan Remaster) - YouTube

And, I will make a storyboard on how the image will be shown. Here as well, you can see the entire storyboard of 1280 × 1794 pixels that Mr. Väänänen has published. Väänänen says, "If you do the work again, you only have two images that can grasp the image's atmosphere to leave room for imagination," Väänänen says.

Once you have a storyboard, the design of the spaceship that will appear will be advanced. Design is not Mr. VäänänenNobyMr. was in charge.

In animation and directionGNU RocketIt is said that he was like this while he was working.

The key for reducing the executable file is "Kkrunchy"is. The group "gorakubu" which is creating a demonstration also wrote that "from the side of making a demo, it is more advantageous to have more opportunities for data compression than compression on the advantage", the most famous 64k intro I am listing kkrunchy as a packer (executable file compression tool) for.

Easy data array ~ data arrangement for 64k intro ~ «

Wires and birds appearing in the picture are each drawn by physical simulation. I was in charge of this partVarkoMr. The wire is regarded as a series of springs and simulated with GPU using ComputeShader. However, for some reason this simulation does not work with AMD cards. Meanwhile, a group of birds is made up of 512 birds, 128 of which are moving as "leaders" with a curl noise method, the rest are moving to follow leaders.

Music is at 64k introV2 Synthesizer SystemIt is common to use a VST plugin such as. This V2 Synthesizer System is a system used by farbrausch which was a famous producer of 64k intro. Mr. mtm of the blog "Scene Research Station" says, "I think that the basic specs themselves are ordinary synths, but it seems that this speedy synth is moving at the back of the demo in the environment in those days It is amazing that we optimized on the size which we can optimize and at the same time can push it into one corner of 64 kb. "

I read a little farbrausch V 2 synthesizer for a moment | Scene Research Station

"Guberniya" is a demo event held in accordance with Easter in 2017REVISION 2017What was exhibited at. The video which summarizes 10 pieces including Guberniya into one is released on YouTube and you can experience the awfulness of 64k intro.

Revision 2017 - Compo - PC 64k Intro - YouTube

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