The accessories I bought at 1400 yen were super valuable authentic diamonds worth over 50 million yen

Some menCar Boot SaleThe ring of diamonds purchased at 10 pounds (about 1400 yen) is brought to the auction after 30 years and it is a precious dish having a value of more than 350,000 pounds (about 50 million yen) as a result of the appraisal I understood.

Diamond ring bought for £ 10 at car boot sale may fetch £ 350,000 | UK news | The Guardian

At the Sotheby's auction on June 7, 2017, a ring fitted with 26 to 27 carat diamonds purchased at the car boot sale 30 years ago will be sent. This size is "exceptionally huge size" for diamonds, but because it is being processed with cutting technology of the 19th century, the radiance of diamonds processed with modern cutting technology that maximizes the glow of the jewelry and It is different, depending on the person it is a work that does not look like "real gem". Sellers alsoImitation jewelryI seemed to think that it was easy to wear every day until it was sent to the auction.

The owner of the diamond heard that the jeweler "can possibly have considerable value", he said that he brought the spot to the auction of Sazabi. According to Jessica Wyndham, who is in charge of the Jewelry department at Sotheby, "The owner said" This may be a real gemstone and I do not know how much worth it is "and brought diamonds." SothebyAmerican Jewel SocietyAs a result of asking for inspection, it turned out that it was "a huge diamond that no one can imagine getting in."

The diamond processed by the technology of the 19th century seems to reflect no light like sculpture, but at the time it was not for "to brighten the glow", but rather to "save the mass of the gem" It is said that it will be the cutting that the original shape of the jewel remains because it was put. For that reason, each gemstone cut by old technology has its own personality, and it seems to have a different value from physical glow. I do not know what kind of circumstances precious diamonds were put on the car boot sale, but it is estimated that it will be worth more than 350,000 pounds (about 50 million yen) if it is put in the auction. For the owner, the accessories that I thought were imitation are likely to produce a lot of money to change my life overnight.

ByAndrea Kirkby

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