A steam punk style lightsaber is on sale at the net auction site

Lightsaber made in steam punk style at overseas world's largest net auction site "eBay" seems to be on sale. Even steam punk style has become a very novelty design and it is becoming a dish that makes you want even if you are not a fan of Star Wars.

Details are from the following.
GRAFLEX 3 CELL LIGHTSABER STEAMPUNK COPPER / LEATHER - eBay (item 250437321456 end time Jul-03-09 11: 31: 59 PDT)

This is a steam punk style lightsaber. It looks like it is made of gold in the photograph, but it seems that it is made of copper.

There are decorations made of wood in where you have it.

A little decoration is also a nice feeling.

Inside is like this.

Rather than steam punk, I receive the impression of a lightsaber of innovative design.

The price at 17:30 on June 30 is $ 124.99 (about 12,000 yen), and the bidding period is about 3 days remaining. Currently five people are bidding and I am very anxious how much the price will rise in the remaining three days.

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