The most expensive razor in the world, blade with sapphire price 8 million yen

On the bladesapphire, And the hand-held part was 99.9% pureiridiumIt is said that the world's most expensive razor "Zafirro Iridium" was made out of.

World's most expensive razor goes on sale for $ 100,000 ... and it has SAPPHIRE for blades | Mail Online

The sapphire blades are as thin as 1 / 10,000 to 1/5000 of the hair, which means they are sharper than any razor currently on the market. For 10 years from the purchase, it seems that we can receive cleaning service once a year free of charge in order to keep sharpness of the blade.

The price is 100,000 dollars (about 8 million yen). High-purity iridium is used for the hand-held part, and in the screw partplatinumIt is said that it is such a price because it is using. Iridium is a material usually used for materials of space rockets, etc. Although it is an extremely rare material, it is stronger to heat than platinum, and in theory it does not seem to dissolve even if it falls into lava.

The blade cartridge is made of medical equipment grade stainless steel, and 16Neodymium magnetIt is fixed with. Neodymium magnets were invented in Sumitomo Special Metals (now Hitachi Metals) in Japan and are considered to be the most powerful among permanent magnets.

It seems that it is made to withstand use over a considerable number of years, pursuing availability, unlike what lifts prices by decoration such as diamonds, but it seems that 8 million yen for one razor is It seems like a price that is hard to come by.

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