Approximately 9 million luxury iPhone case more expensive than the main body

BeforeIPhone to over 200 million yenThere are things that have been told that there are, iPhone case to put in order to prevent scratches also seems to be expensive to make nearly 9 million yen.

If you put an iPhone that will cost 200 million yen, you may be able to put it without hesitation, but since the case is more expensive if it is a normal body, take care of the case rather than the main body It seems to be wrong.

Details are from the following.
Fashion designer handbags & accessories: iPhone Tamara Runge wallet

This is the world's finest iPhone case "Tamara Runge edition". In the place of the clasp, there are 46 grams of pure gold and 35 diamonds of 0.5 carat. The price is 59,995 pounds (about 8.7 million yen).

This is "python and lether case" in which pure gold and diamonds are not used. Snake leather on the surface of the case, cowhide on the part of the band on the back is used. The price is 595 pounds (about 86,000 yen).

Handmade one by one.

Finish is like this.

"Tamara Runge edition" and "python and lether case" can be purchased from the following site.
R E P U B L I C A Fashion

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