The world's highest price belt with more than 22 million yen

It seems that the world's highest amount of belts with more than 22 million yen is sold. Although it is one that decorated the brand item which exists originally with the brand jewel which already exists, it seems that the price has been raised considerably than the actual product.

In addition to the belt, mobile phones and audio players are also decorated, and it has become quite expensive items.

Details are from the following.
R E P U B L I C A Fashion

This is a belt of 155,995 pounds (about 22 million yen). The GUCCI logo which is the top part of the belt is made of platinum and has a total of 30 carat diamonds studded. The top part has been completely rebuilt and it is no longer a product of GUCCI.

The back side of the belt. Belt part is undoubtedly genuine GUCCI.

It is in such a box.

Some of the dolce & gabbana belts have been remodeled. The price is 84,0055 pounds (about 12 million yen).

I am using a total of 26.5 carats of diamonds.

Not only fashion, mobile phones are decorated luxuriously. This is an iPhone that used rose gold sparingly. The price is 20,000 pounds (about 3 million yen)

I used a diamond on the Apple logo.

Although it seems simple at first glance, the home button and the main body are edged with diamonds.

I hesitate to press the home button.

This is a decorated cell phone made by NOKIA. The price is 29995 pounds (about 4.3 million yen)

The diamond is bright and the screen seems to be seen.

Then iPod nano (4 GB) coated with platinum. The price is 449.45 pounds (about 64,000 yen)

IPod touch also gold. The price is 599 pounds (about 86,000 yen)

It is something that is actually sold properly, but even if you purchase it seems a little troublesome to actually use.

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