The only city hotel in Nerima-ku with a landscape table with work to progress "Hotel Cadenza Koharagaoka"

When you need to work on a business trip, the larger the table, the more convenient it is to be able to put notebook PCs, peripherals, materials etc. However, there are not many accommodation facilities with such a large table. Meanwhile, it is said that it is "the only city hotel in Nerima-ku"Hotel Cadenza MitsuokaThere was an opportunity to stay at the table, but the table was very big and the work while spreading the materials was progressing.

Hotel Cadenza Mitsuoka

The nearest station is Toei Oedo Line · Mitsuigaoka Station. There is a display of "Hotel Cadenza Koharagaoka" at the exit A5.

Go out the station and ......

Follow the boulevard west. After this, turn left as you cross Sasami Avenue.

Then you can see the hotel on the left hand side after passing the traffic light of Takamatsu 5 chome.

The building with the highest building is the office tower.

The key is a physical key type that is not a card key.

Looking inside from the entrance of the room is like this.

In retrospect.

A shallow closet just in the room.

Four hangers.

The room looks like this ......

Full-length mirror in front of the table.

And this is the characteristic, two tables lining up from the window side.

With laptops and smartphones side by side in the empty space beside the TV, there are not many things to say .... There are a lot of things that you can work next to each other side by side, It is affordable, even if the paper materials are many, it is not troubled.

There are two outlets and a LAN port on the wall side of the table.

Electric kettle capacity is 1.2 liters.

Television is independent of work desk and stand and outlet.

Refrigerator under the TV. The depth is deep, and the size that PET bottles enter also in the back of the door.

Glasses next to the fridge.

Tables & chairs on the window side.

And the bed is like this.

Sleepwear is a Yukata type.

Switches of the head board part are fairly simple.

The air conditioner was a type that adjusted room temperature and air volume.

The position of the outlet other than on the desk is under the full-length mirror (behind the trash can). People who place an alarm on the bedside while charging the smartphone may be pulled by the cable and the smartphone may fall and need to be a little careful.

The bath is like this.

The size of the bathtub is quite large.

And a toilet. It is INAX 's shower toilet.

The washbasin is like this.

Toothbrushes, hairbrushes, shavings, cotton buds, etc. are available as amenity.

A bit strange is this "VOLUME CONTROLLER" beside the sink.

Speakers are embedded in the ceiling of the bathroom and you can listen to the sound of the TV. With this, it is possible to clear the problem "I want to enter the bath, but want to see the television, at least hear the sound even at least ... ... But if the door is left open, the steam will leak outside and the alarm will sound".

By the way, Nerima-ku is "the birthplace of animation". There was a panel of "Digimon Adventure" at Mitsuigaoka station, but it was quite faded.

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