Documentary of Norton actually visiting 'The bulletproof hosting company' of the cyber crime's den's 'The most dangerous city on the Internet'

A hosting service installed in a place physically and legally isolated, such as a nuclear shelter and an independent state,Ballistic hosting companyIt is said that it is becoming a den of cyber crime because no one can handle it. A survey of bulletproof hosting companies that are around the world Such journalists are actually assaulting and exploring the current state of cyber crime Documentary series full of urgencyThe most dangerous city on the Internet"Is produced by Norton.

The truth of the place where cyber crime lurks

Many bulletproof hosting companies have not disclosed their location for security reasons, but Norton wrote the location of several bulletproof hosting companies on the world map. In the movie, of these, declare sovereign statesPrincipality of SealandofHavenko, "Cyber ​​bunker" in the nuclear shelter of the Netherlands, "Swedish" Bahnhof "known for being used by WikiLeaks for data storage, the Southeast Asian malicious hosting company" Cinepak ", Dutch bulletproof hosting company" Ecatel " something like.

In fact you can see what kind of movie "the most dangerous city on the Internet" is from the following. By clicking "subtitle" from "Setting" and selecting "Japanese" it is possible to watch it with Japanese subtitles.

The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet - Where Cybercrime Goes to Hide - YouTube

Journalist Haydn Prouz visits "the most dangerous town on the Internet" around the world.

The first thing that came on a helicopter is the "Sealand Duchy" which declares the fortress of World War II abandoned at sea as a sovereign state.

The world's first bulletproof hosting company "Havenko" established by Mr. Ryan Lucky in the Principality of Sealand exists. Data services stored in isolated areas like the Sealand Kingdom,Tax havenIt is called "Nagare" data haven. It is said that it is the safest on earth on the data storage, because no one except the hosting company can handle it in the server in the data haven. However, because data havens are sometimes used by criminals, it is said that the problem of police hands not reaching occurs.

Prince James Bates, Principality of Sealand, is on board for the helicopter.

Prince Bates says that the Principality of Sealand was born as the grandfather claimed this fortress as a nation. "I have freedom to do whatever I want, without concern for the surrounding eyes" about owning my own kingdom. When it is said that "It seems to take a tremendous time and effort to store the data," Oh, "Oh, but there is a person who is willing to work to defend our wealth, is that so?" Prince says.

In addition, Mr. Ryan Lucky, who established the world's first bulletproof hosting company "Havenko" in the Sealand Democratic People, said he is leaving Havenkol due to differences in opinion with the Prince and others. Prince Iwaku Mr. Lucky seems to have the idea that it should provide services equally to people who sell firearms and missiles. Mr. Lucky seems to be currently in the security division of Silicon Valley security company, but this company is strongly condemned by anonymous as hosting numerous ISIS websites.

After that,Cold warA hosting company called 'cyber bunker' inside the nuclear shelter of the Netherlands that was created in the era.

The gate is standing in a quite dubious place across the country, and the accompanying guest also raises an uneasy voice as "Are you sure it's okay?"

Because there was no response even when pushing the doorbell, Mr.Prouz surpassed the gate and decided to break through. A companion warns that "It's illegal!"

There was a nuclear shelter which is the location of cyber bunkers.

There is a warning when there is a security dog, but there is no dog in the premises.

Although it is not popular at all, a face scanner that operates next to the door ... ...

There is relatively new garbage in the trash can and there is no doubt that someone used it until recently.

There is a surveillance camera in the surroundings, although there is no sign of anyone coming out, Mr.Prouz decides it is "tidal hour" and it decides to disband once.

When I was at a loss, I succeeded in getting in contact with Black Hacker who knows cyber bunker owner. I attached an apo that can get into cyber bunker.

When I visit the nuclear shelter again, the gate is opened automatically this time ......

Hosting company CEO and CSO (Chief Strategy Officer) welcomed me.

When Mr.Prous asked, "Will you welcome cyber bunkers?", It is now explained that they are called "ML 01" without the name "cyber bunker".

When passing through the door prepared for nuclear explosion ... ...

Inside it's like a movie "Dr. Unusual Affection"Space like that was spreading.

Explain that Jensen CSO has solid security against the latest trend such as cloud, big data, IoT etc. in addition to physical facilities.

I asked about the destination of storage ... ...

Although it says "I can not say it," it is said that it is a government agency etc. roughly speaking. Cyber ​​bunker, which was notoriously infamous as a criminal's cave, was transformed into a bulletproof hosting company for government agencies and large companies.

Next, Mr.Prouz visited Sweden. There is a nuclear bunker "Bahnhof" at 30 meters below the hill of Stockholm.

Bahnhof is known for what WikiLeaks was hosting.

Mr.Prouz was welcomed by John Carlung of Bahnhof.

The entrance becomes an explosion-proof door

The facility's fuel is made by diesel power generation, and it is considered that the data is not put in danger under any circumstances.

Mr. Prouz who is guided by the server WikiLeaks used.

Mr.Prouz asks "Do you have something illegal (in the server)?"

Then Mr. Carl might say "There may be illegal on the Internet, but I can not open the box, I do not know what is in the box."

Mr. Karlen is comparing the hosting service to a postman as "just not delivering letters and delivering it", indicating the idea that we are not responsible for the content delivered from our server.

There are many bulletproof hosting companies who think of themselves as "postal merchants" like this. Mr. Liam Omak, a Norton security expert, criticizes, "If you are a post office, you need to deal with complaints, there are no bombs in the post office."

After leaving Stockholm, Mr. Puusu heard that there is an evil hosting company "Cinepak" that smokes a solid data center even after this, in Southeast Asia, heading to Malaysia, infiltrating the Netherlands bulletproof hosting company "Ecatel" as a customer I will go over the "most dangerous town on the Internet" regardless of danger. Not only the hosting company but also a man who was the right arm of Mr. Julian Assangi of WikilLeaks and a white hacker who works in Southeast Asia and talks with a hacker known for attacking the Islamic Jihye websites , We will open up the current state of modern Internet security. Because it is supposed to be worthy contents, please watch those who are interested to the last.

"The most dangerous town on the Internet" is the second part of Norton 's documentary series. It is possible to see from the following with "Japanese visit to the most dangerous city on the Internet" becoming the first step with Japanese subtitles.

Visit the most dangerous streets on the Internet - YouTube

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