Commercialization of "The Light Phone", an ultra-compact cellular phone of the only calling function that may be necessary for people who have too much contact with smartphones

There are a lot of people saying that smartphones are bothered about even when they have to concentrate on smartphones as soon as they are hand-held, even when they have to concentrate. For such a person, "a miniature function of a mobile phone is a call" ultra compact mobile phone aimed at returning to the origin "The Light Phone"Has been commercialized.

The Light Phone

"The Light Phone," designed to be able to do only the smallest thing, "Joe Hollier and Kaiwei Tang came up in 2014, and in 4115 Kickstarter got $ 415,127 (about 4600 Ten thousand yen) was collected.

A super-compact mobile phone specialized only for calling functions to release from the smartphone "The Light Phone" - GIGAZINE

After that, the state of production and manufacture was reported in the blog.

Coming Soon ... - The Light Phone - Medium

Finally, the color settles in two colors, white and black, and now we are accepting pre-orders. One 150 dollars (about 16,800 yen).

Since Garaka (feature phone) can also play SNS and games, there are not a few people who need such a temptation "The Light Phone" which is not included in the choice from the beginning.

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