In the manned exploration mission to Mars it is impossible to avoid the problem of "sex"

Sex in outer space is a dangerous actIt is known to be. However, in realizing the plans for human beings to emigrate to Mars in the future, sex in the universe is said to be an important problem that can never be avoided. Why is sex in the universe difficult but you have to overcome the movie "Space Sex is Serious Business"Explains it.

Space Sex is Serious Business - YouTube

When considering a trip to Mars, what is worrisome is "Can you live in the universe?"

It is because the mission to Mars is a long-term place that needs at least 21 months for the moon which is only a few people to visit for only a few days.

With 21 months, humans will do everything in their daily lives.

So the question that comes to mind is "sex in outer space".

Two astronauts, Jean Davis and Mark Lee who went to space with the Space Shuttle mission executed in 1992, were actually married to the top secret.

Two people who were secretly married became couples who shared the space mission for the first time in the world. Only these two people went to space in the couple later and before.

So, what's worrisome is that "did they have sex in outer space?"

NASA's view is "NO". According to NASA, there seems to be no gender who had sex in space at the moment yet.

So why?

The mission in the universe takes on a professional character.

Astronauts have a professional philosophy that they should be professional in order to make a mission successful.

If a colleague staying in space wants to have sex, most astronauts want to avoid sex because they become awkward and can not keep calm.

However, when it comes to missions to Mars, the concept of "universe and sex" will change completely.

The universe which was the "workplace" until now ... ...

In the long-term mission exploration of the Mars, it will change to "place of life".

This is a place where you can have sex, you can even be a place to lay a child.

Sex in the universe is a problem that can not be avoided.

In 2000, a company with a pornographic movie planned to shoot porn in an almost gravity-free microgravity environment similar to outer space.

But it did not happen. It can be said that human beings have not even realized sex in the microgravity environment.

By the way, even in 2015 crowdfunding was done to realize space pornography, but we have failed to raise funds.

Cloud funding for the first "space pornography" in history is overwhelming, so will funds get collected? - GIGAZINE

Reproductive experiments by various animals taken to the outer space of 200 miles (about 320 kilometers) instead of humans are also being conducted.

Drosophila and ... ...

Parasitoid bee


Mice and the like have been used for experiments in outer space.

In the late 1960s NASA launched the "Biosatellite Program". The goal is to investigate the effects of radiation and gravity condition in outer space on creatures.

What I found out is that "sex (mating) in outer space is very difficult"

Parasitic bee male was in a state difficult to even encounter the female.

In addition, we have learned that reproductive in space is difficult due to damage to genes.

Mammalian breeding in outer space has not been successful yet.

When I talk back to humans, what kind of problems are there in reproduction in outer space?

It is quite unlikely that it knows the effect of zero gravity environment on male erections.

Nonetheless, this is due to little study on sex in outer space.

Compared with men, the reality is that women's studies are even worse.

There are more than 500 astronauts who went to space in the past ... ....

The female aviator is only slightly 11% of the total.

If a situation with few female astronauts continues in the future, research on "sex in the universe" where even poor research can not help being difficult.

Talking about sex is fun ... ...

At the same time, it is also difficult to talk.

However, the birth of life is an important matter which is the foundation of human beings.

In considering whether mankind can move to Mars, sex in the universe can not be avoided and can not pass.

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