The rumored new OS "Windows 10 Cloud" proves to be a countermeasure against Google's Chromebook that is ahead of the education field from the leak information of recommended specifications

Microsoft's local time On May 2, 2017 Windows event to be held in New York, there was rumored existence for a long time "Windows 10 CloudWe will announce. Prior to the announcement at the event, the minimum spec required for machines equipped with Windows 10 Cloud leaked and the intention to make Microsoft strongly counter the Windows 10 Cloud to Google's Chromebook (Chrome OS) obvious It is becoming.

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Microsoft plans to hold a Windows event on the education field in New York (tentatively: Bespin), and it is rumored that laptops equipped with Windows 10 Cloud will be announced there.

Windows Central has obtained the internal document that describes the required specifications of the "Windows 10 Cloud" -loaded machine as if it supports this. According to the following slide, the minimum specification required by Windows 10 Cloud machine is "Celeron or higher 4 core CPU"4 GB memory"32 bit storage is 32 GB storage, 64 bit storage is 64 GB storage"Battery of 40 Wh or more"High-speed storage such as eMMC or SSD"," Pen touch tool is optional treatment ". "Windows RS 2" in the item on the slide right means Windows Redstone 2 "Windows 10 Creators Update"It refers to the Windows 10 Cloud machine and its performance comparison target is written as" Chromebook ". In addition, the comparison items are the battery duration and recovery time from sleep, etc. It is noted, and it is possible to know to which area the performance which should be opposed is supposed.

It is almost certain that the virtual enemies of the Windows 10 Cloud machine are Google Chromebooks, but behind it is believed to be caused by a breakthrough in the Chromebook education market in the United States. Chromebooks that can be introduced at a low price have been used in the education field from the outset,IDC's latest announcementAccording to 2013, the share of Chromebook in the American education market was only 9% showed a rapid growth that gained almost half the share, 40% in 2015 and 49% in 2016 It is. Another research companyPresentation of FuturesourceSo, in 2015, Chromebook's share of education, which was 50% in 2015, is announced to have already taken a majority share of 58% in 2016.

Chromebook's breakthrough on education terminals is remarkable, Apple's iPad has 26% market share in 2014 is nearly halved to 14% in 2016 and Microsoft Windows PC will also change from 25% to 22% over the same period We are reducing market share. The big breakthrough in the education field of Chromebook has been limited to the American market to the last, and in other markets it is said that Windows machine still occupies the high share of 65% of the whole. However, the global share of educational terminal OS is 6% for Chrome OS but 17% for Android OS, OS for integrating Chrome OS and Android "Andromeda"While Microsoft's development is being whispered, Chromebooks may be a threat to Microsoft in the near future, and Microsoft may be trying to get ready for the Chromebook against Windows 10 Cloud machines.

Chrome OS on Chromebook basically assumes use of cloud application on a browser basis, and it can be said that "Cloud premise OS", while Windows 10 Cloud is not a cloud premise OS. According to already reported information, Windows 10 Cloud is basically a universal Windows platform application (UWP) On the premise that the application can be downloaded only on the Windows store. Usage limitations of such applications are as followsWindows RTIt is said to be reminiscent of. However, it is expected that compatibility with x86 software will also be preserved by installing Project Centennial bridge application via Windows store. And, as a big feature, Windows 10 Cloud is said to be able to upgrade full spec Windows 10.

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AlreadyThe introduction of notebook PC that can run ARM base version of Windows 10 within 2017Furthermore, Windows 10 Cloud machine also benefits from release of the ARM version and extended battery time, as the next big update of Windows 10 Redstone 3 implements "Power Throttling" which greatly extends battery driving time. It seems likely that you will receive.

As Microsoft's Surface Pro and Surface Book are expensive, it is difficult to use it for educational purposes, so it seems likely that the "Surface series" like the conventional one will be released with Windows 10 Cloud. Details of Windows 10 Cloud are expected to be officially announced at the Windows event of May 2, 2017.

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