Nintendo Switch 's "Splatoon 2" and 3DS "Dragon Quest XI" and a lot of new information "Nintendo Direct 2017.4.13"

YouTube & NicoNico Live broadcast "Nintendo official channel", Nintendo Switch's new software "Splatoon 2" and "ARMS" deliver information centered on the new information "Nintendo Direct (Nintendo Direct) 2017.4.13"Will be broadcasted. GIGAZINE will also be posted in real time, so please look forward to it.

Nintendo Direct 2017.4.13 - YouTube

Nintendo Direct 2017.4.13 - 2017/04/13 Starting at 07:00 - NicoNico Live broadcasting

Nintendo'sKoaki OzumiMr. appeared

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First from 3DS's new software information. Top batter is "Hey! Pikmin".

It is released July 13, 2017, the price is 4980 yen by tax.

continue"Dragon Quest XI Passing and Seeking Time"

The release date is July 29, 2017, the price is 5980 yen by tax.

New Ambo "The Legend of ZeldaThe series will be released on June 22, 2017. The price is 1200 yen by tax.

"Super Smash Bros. Smash Brothers"Ami bo also released

It is scheduled to be released on 21st July 2017, and the price is 1200 yen for tax.

3DS software "Ever Oasis Spirit and Mirage of Tanabito"

Official movies are also released.

The world of Ever Oasis "Ever Oasis Spirit and Mirage of Tanabit" - YouTube

The release date is July 13, 2017, the price is 4980 yen by tax.

3DS Detective Mystery titled "Layton Mystery Journey Cathory Eile and the Millionaire's Conspiracy"

There are luxurious voice actors including Arimura Kuniyoshi, Koji Koji, Kuroki Meisa, Sakaguchi Kentaro etc.

Level 5's new work is "Snack World Treasures"

The release date is July 13, 2017, the price is 4800 yen by tax.

From the Atlas 3DS "Radiant Historia Perfect Clonology"

It is released on June 29, 2017 at a taxation rate of 6480 yen.

Also from Atlas 3DS title "World Tree and Wonderland Dungeon 2Appeared

It is scheduled to be released on August 31, 2017 with a tax of 6480 yen.

"True · goddess reincarnation DEEP STRANGE"

Scheduled to be released in the fall of 2017. Price is undecided.

From Capcom "Great Law Court 2 - Resignation of Mr. Donnosuke -"Was announced.

Release decision on August 3, 2017

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the "Inversion Ceremony Series", Nikoniko live broadcast has been decided to be implemented from 21 o'clock on April 17, 2017. A voice actor from Seikendo Donnosuke appeared as a special guest.

The price is 5,800 yen for package version, 5546 yen for tax for DL ​​version.

Kirby's new work celebrating its 25th anniversary this year ... ...

"Everyone! Kirby Hunters Z"

Free delivery after the end of the broadcastIt has been playing in 3DS since 8 o'clock.

"Kirby's Promise Campaign"

Scheduled to be delivered in the summer of 2017

Also, it is said that the new matchup action for the Nintendo 3DS will be released in the Kirby series in the winter of 2017.

From here, "3DS title to be released soon" will follow. The first one is "Fire Emblem Echoes Another Hero of the King", Released on April 20 th (Thu) 2017, the price is 4980 yen by tax.

"Professional baseball Famstar Climax"Released on April 20, 2017. A trial version is also being delivered.

"Dragon Ball Heroes Ultimate Mission X"Released on April 27, 2017.

"Escape from the Giant Deathland of Advance"Released on May 11, 2017.

Nintendo 3DS game "Alliance · Alive"Released on June 22, 2017.

A trial version is being delivered.

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New information such as characters · attributes · arms of new · fighting sports game "ARMS" fighting by flying Joy - Con of Nintendo Switch will be announced - GIGAZINE

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