Smaho grip with cooling fan, battery and stand · "Smark" is perfect for smartphone gamer

MMD Institute ofInvestigationAbout half of those who have played in smartphone games say that "they are playing with smartphone games everyday", especially for young people, games for smartphones with impressions that are deeply penetrated without distinction between men and women . However, when playing games on smart phones, batteries will soon be reduced or it will become difficult to hold a terminal with fever, so there are many people who say "I will endure the game as much as possible". The grip that can solve such patience and become able to play on smartphone as much as possibleSmashool"With the cooling fan battery stand, it is also possible to charge the battery by suppressing the heat generation of the terminal at the time of game.

Smagee comfort grip "Smark cool" | Smartphone related, smartphone related | Sankorerondono shop

"Smark cool" package looks something like this.

According to the box, the battery capacity of SmaCool is 2000 mA, the operation time is 8 hours, the time required for charging is 2 hours, the weight is 165 g.

I will open the box at once.

What is inside is a Micro - USB cable for charging smacool 's body and smart cool.

This is a smart cool which shaped like a controller of a stationary game machine.

A round hole is open, and a cooling fan is mounted here.

There is a protrusion above the fans ......

It moves when pushed with a finger. Fix this smartphone to SmaCool with this tab part.

This is the back.

There is a stand in the center of the back ... ...

It is possible to make smoke cool like this.

There is an on / off switch next to the stand, which turns and stops the cooling fan.

When you actually turn the cooling fan of SmaCool, how much sound comes out can be understood by watching the following movie.

Sound of the cooling fan of "Smark cool" looks something like this - YouTube

To what extent the smoke cool fan is moving, the extent to which the tissue paper moves when it is placed on the fan. It's not strong but it's enough power to cool the terminal.

"Smark cool" cooling fan strength is like this - YouTube

The top face of SmaCool is like this. The claws for fixing the smartphone are ants on the top.


Here is a USB port written as "OUT", if you want to charge a smartphone while playing a game, you can insert a charging cable here and connect the smartphone OK.

Left side

Here is a Micro-USB port for charging the SmaCool body.

There is nothing particularly on the right side.

Because the grip part has been processed, it may be a little slip stop.

That's why I will actually attach smartphone to my smartphone. First of all, trying to install it on the iPhone 7, hit the side of the iPhone to the claw portion of Smashool ......

Slide upward as it is and you can easily mount it.

Small lugs are provided at the part where smoker and the side of the smartphone stick together, so we do not accidentally press the power button or the volume control button.

I tried grip with both hands with Smashool attached and it looks like this.

As a game to actually play a smartphone by holding it sideways, "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Diamond RecordsIt is like this when you play. It is easier to operate than when playing a game with a smartphone alone because the moving pad and various buttons come to be in the vicinity of the thumb when gripping Smarkool.

The movie below filmed how to increase the volume of the iPhone step by step while moving the cooling fan. You can see how much fan sound disturbs the game sound.

I tried raising the volume of the smartphone while moving the cooling fan of "sma cool" - YouTube

Sound gee's "Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Starlight StageYou can also play. However, note that you must play with SmaCool in hand, so be careful that the operation will be only your thumb.

It is also suitable for movie playback and sports appreciation on smartphones as it has a stand. "I'm on the go, but there are programs that I can not miss anyway"Sponavi LiveYaDAZNIt is perfect for people who use sports live streaming applications such as.

Of course, you can attach SmaCool to a terminal other than iPhone 7. 4 inch iPhone SE and ... ...

5.7 inch size Nexus 6P can be installed easily. Can be installed if the width is less than 9 cm.

It is also possible to charge the smart cooler with the included Micro-USB cable.

When charging, the lamp next to the on / off switch on the back lights up.

In addition, you can charge smartphone by connecting a smartphone and a smartphone with a cable.

Of course, while playing the game while charging ......

Charging your smartphone while charging SmaCool, you can also play games.

In addition, "Smark cool" is sold at Sankoreamo shop at 1980 yen including tax.

Smagee comfort grip "Smark cool" | Smartphone related, smartphone related | Sankorerondono shop

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