Why is it that it is harder to lose a pet than to lose a friend?

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The person who is saddened by the death of a pet tends to be thought as "from a person who has never had a dog," Although it is just a dog, is it exaggerated? " But the pet dog is not just a "dog", but the sorrow of losing is never exaggerated, says Frank T. McAndrew, a psychology professor at the University of Knox, USA. Still, some people think that "Your sorrows are big?" So, McAndrew who actually experienced the death of a pet dog, based on scientific research on how strong bonds are born between people and dogs in order to have people lose shame and despair I explain.

Why losing a dog can be harder than losing a relative or friend

There are various opinions in the origins of the dogs being born, but in many theories it is said that dogs live together with humans for more than 10,000 years before the history of livestock and farming. Brian Hare, an anthropologist, also advocated a "livestock hypothesis" that wild creatures originally changed into "dogs" that can build social relationships with humans in the years ahead It is said that there is. As for the origin of the dog, you can understand well by reading the following article.

Where was the dog domesticated from the wolf? - GIGAZINE

According to McAndrew, the bond between the dog and the human being becomes stronger than the human bond, because the dog returns unconditional, uncritical and positive feedback. This property of a dog is not a coincidence product, because it has been intentionally breeded for many years. In a study that scanned the brain of a dog with MRI, it is known that the brain of a dog praised by the owner responds as strongly as or more than when the meal was given. Also, dogs can recognize humans and can read emotions with facial expression alone. Therefore, a dog unravels the intention of a person,Trying to save the owner, From those who give harm to ownersI will try to let the owner leave.

Humans also try to return a positive response to the nature of such dogs.People smile just by looking at the dogIt is also said,The person who keeps the dog is more happy than the one who keeps the catThe research results that are announced.

Also,Study published in October 2016So, the family keeping the dog turned out to mistake the family name and dog's name often. This tendency is rarely seen by families keeping cats, and it is said to be a research result indicating that dogs are recognized as members of their families. In other words, losing a dog is close to losing your family.

ByAndrew Branch

Psychologist Julie Axelrod says that the sorrow of losing a pet is not limited to "sorrow of losing a pet", a partner who shows absolute love, a friend who gives security and comfort, and sometimes loses his own secret sorrow It is an opinion that it is.

People who have lost their dogs may feel more stress than when they lost their friends,In a study published in November 2016, It has also been found that there is a tendency to experience mistakes in making and hearing mistakes such as the dog feeling moving or hearing breathing. As soon as a pet dies, this phenomenon occurs more strongly. And as mentioned above the experience of losing a pet is too painful, so many people keep a new dog.

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