"If 200 million iCloud accounts do not want to be reset to factory defaults, pay ransom", hackers demand Apple

ByThomas Au

The hacker group "Turkish Crime Family" announced a statement that it is in a state that it can hack many users' iCloud accounts by some means and be reset to factory shipping status. The group is requesting "ransom" from Apple, and when we are not paid by April 7, 2017 we notify you that we will reset 200 million accounts.

Hackers: We Will Remotely Wipe iPhones Unless Apple Pays Ransom - Motherboard

According to Hacker Group 's claim, there are over 200 million iCloud accounts accessible to the group, and it is possible to reset to factory default at any time. Apple was also informed of this, requesting 75,000 dollars (about 8.4 million yen) for the virtual currency Bitcoin or Ethereum, or $ 100,000 for the iTunes gift card (about 11 million yen). If it is not accepted, we will notify you to reset on April 7, 2017.

ByHenrik Berggren

The hacker group seemed to show YouTube video showing to Apple that logging in to an iCloud account of an elderly woman and deleting the picture remotely as evidence of making the account "hostage", from Apple's security team It seems that an e-mail requesting to delete the image to avoid unnecessary worry comes back.

Motherboard of the IT news site contacted this hacker group and was given access to the mail address used to contact Apple. However, concerning the above mentioned interaction with Apple, Motherboard did not confirm the original mail, he said that he showed a screen shot from the group, and it is unknown whether Apple actually contacted the hacker group.

In Motherboard, there is a discrepancy between the contents that the hacker group asserts, so we are doubtful that it might be a strategy to use the media to pressure the Apple.

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