Passwords for over 1 million Google Yahoo accounts are sold on the dark web

BySebastian Sikora

272 million e-mail addresses and passwords leaked from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!Or,Yahoo's largest record-level user information leaked by 500 million peopleOr,Passwords for 100 million passwords from Russia's largest SNS leak out as plaintext without being encryptedOr even in JapanPersonal information leakage of 7 million people from JTBIn 2016, many personal information leaked from illegal access by hackers. The details of "account information sold on the dark web" which shows what happens to information leaked by such illegal access has become clear.

1 Million Decrypted Gmail and Yahoo Accounts Being Sold on Dark Web

Hacker Selling Over 1 Million Decrypted Gmail and Yahoo Passwords On Dark Web

Security related news siteHackReadHas discovered about 1 million Google Accounts or Yahoo Accounts sold on the Dark Web. It is the user who sells this information "SunTzu 583" as a user with a handle name, the selling account information seems to be in a state where the encryption is released. Account information that is sold is divided into four for each source and period, totaling 1095 thousand account information.

It is the world's largest online music catalog serviceLast.fmFromOutflowYahoo account for 100,000 things you have sold is only 0.0079 Bitcoin, about $ 10.75 (about 1200 yen) is sold.

In addition, data that flowed out of Adobe in 2013 and from MySpace in 2008OutflowYahoo account of 140 thousand in total together is 0.0102 Bitcoin, and it is selling for about 13.76 dollars (about 1600 yen).

In addition, data that flowed out of MySpace in 2008 and from Tumblr in 2013OutflowData from Russia's Bitcoin Security Forum in 2014OutflowA total of 500,000 Google Accounts combined with the data that is sold at 0.0219 Bitcoin, about $ 28.24 (about 3,200 yen).

From Dropbox in 2012OutflowData you got from Adobe in 2012OutflowGoogle Accounts for 450,000 combined data and others sold at 0.0199 Bitcoin, about $ 25.74 (about 2900 yen).

It is difficult to verify that the data being sold is genuine, but HackRead is "Hacked-DB"Or"Have I been pwned?"The service which examines whether it is a mail address or ID which leaked in the past" is used to verify the data that was sold. In the verification, it seems that we tried to contact the original owner to actually log in and it seems that some passwords have not been changed.

Although data is old in many cases,Clear textSince it is sold as it is, "It can be a big threat", so if you have an account related to the above-mentioned outflow case, it is recommended to change the password of the account.

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